First Majestic Silver Corp. (AG) - Earnings & Price History

AG: First Majestic Silver Corp. - 6.885, $1.13B, 0.14 (2.00%)

Sector: Basic Materials - Industry: Silver

First Majestic Silver Corp. engages in the acquisition, exploration, development, and production of mineral properties with a focus on silver projects in Mexico. The company owns and operates six silver producing mines, including the La Encantada Mine, La Parrilla Mine, Del Toro Mine, San Martin Mine, La Guitarra Mine, and Santa Elena Mine. It also holds interests in the Plomosas silver project situated in Sinaloa State; La Luz silver project located in San Luis Potosi State; and Jalisco group of properties located in various mining districts in Jalisco, Mexico. The company was formerly known as First Majestic Resource Corp. and changed its name to First Majestic Silver Corp. in November 2006. First Majestic Silver Corp. was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.Key Statistics

Past AG reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2014-11-12BMOFirst Majestic0.08-0.044.925.1954.775.16-3.66%-1.60%-5.20%3.43M
2014-08-13First Majestic0.060.029.8910.3610.39.8410.37-0.58%-3.98%-4.54%1.67M
2014-05-13First Majestic0.▲-3.23%-1.90%764.40K
2014-02-26BMOFirst Majestic0.120.0511.2411.6811.5511.1811.63-1.11%-2.68%-3.77%1.80M
2013-11-12BMOFirst Majestic0.160.2210.4610.7311.0110.3511.012.61%-5.00%-2.52%1.08M
2013-08-13BMOFirst Majestic0.10.0713.1113.313.4812.7713.481.35%-2.74%-1.43%1.57M
2013-05-15BMOFirst Majestic0.250.2310.2411.2511.110.1411.15-1.33%▲-7.75%-8.98%1.99M
2013-02-26BMOFirst Majestic0.290.2617.0117.3517.4416.5517.440.52%-2.47%-1.96%1.21M
2012-11-14BMOFirst Majestic0.220.2421.6523.4723.7421.5223.81.15%-8.80%-7.75%1.64M
2012-08-14BMOFirst Majestic0.30.1916.6516.9516.8716.6517.11-0.47%-1.30%-1.77%618.80K
2012-05-10BMOFirst Majestic0.30.2614.7614.6714.9114.6815.21.64%▲-1.01%0.61%661.10K
2012-03-05BMOFirst Majestic0.270.2519.3820.282019.2620.12-1.38%-3.10%-4.44%933.20K
2011-11-09BMOFirst Majestic0.380.317.0418.2417.7216.8918.18-2.85%-3.84%-6.58%1.24M
2011-08-11AMCFirst Majestic0.330.320.3320.7220.622020.81-0.48%-1.41%-1.88%1.23M
2011-05-16BMOFirst Majestic0.150.2317.221817.9917.0518.59-0.06%▲-4.28%-4.33%2.26M

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