Allied Healthcare Products Inc. (AHPI) - Earnings & Price History

AHPI: Allied Healthcare Products Inc. - 2.04, $8.29M, -0.03 (-1.21%)

Sector: Healthcare - Industry: Medical Appliances & Equipment

Allied Healthcare Products, Inc. manufactures and markets respiratory products for use in the health care industry in a range of hospital and alternate site settings worldwide. The companys respiratory care/anesthesia products comprise air compressors, calibration equipment, humidifiers, croup tents, and equipment dryers, as well as respiratory disposable products, such as oxygen tubing, facemasks, cannulas, and ventilator circuits; and home respiratory care products include aluminum oxygen cylinders, oxygen regulators, pneumatic nebulizers, and portable suction equipment. It also provides medical gas equipment, which comprise construction products consisting of in-wall medical system components, central station pumps and compressors, and headwalls; regulation devices and suction equipment, comprising flowmeters, vacuum regulators, and pressure regulators, as well as related adapters, fi

Past AHPI reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2012-09-28Q4 2012 Allied Healt2.592.622.72.562.73.05%-4.07%-1.15%7.80K
2012-05-10Q3 2012 Allied Healt3.
2012-02-13Q2 2012 Allied Healt3.
2011-11-08AMCQ1 2012 Allied Healt3.553.473.523.493.591.44%0.85%2.31%6.10K
2011-09-27AMCQ4 2011 Allied Healt3.623.653.53.53.92-4.11%3.43%-0.82%2.00K
2011-05-06AMCQ3 2011 Allied Healt4.▲-0.24%-1.41%1.90K
2011-02-08AMCQ2 2011 Allied Healt4.54.524.54.414.51-0.44%-0.44%9.10K
2010-11-05Q1 2011 Allied Healt4.254.233.833.834.25-9.46%10.97%0.47%7.20K
2010-09-23AMCQ4 2010 Allied Healt4.314.
2010-09-17Allied Hlthcare0.
2010-05-07Q3 2010 Allied Healt3.623.623.623.623.62
2010-02-08AMCQ2 2010 Allied Healt4.9554.994.954.99-0.20%-0.80%-1.00%400
2009-11-06Q1 2010 Allied Healt5.215.134.534.535.21-11.70%15.01%1.56%6.90K
2009-09-25Q4 2009 Allied Healt4.534.534.534.534.53
2009-05-12AMCQ3 2009 Allied Healt-0.06443.83.84-5.00%▲5.26%6.30K
2009-02-10BMOQ2 2009 Allied Healt-0.0644.4444-9.09%-9.09%1.30K
2008-11-07Q1 2009 Allied Healt0.
2008-09-04Q4 2008 Allied Healt0.
2008-05-13Q3 2008 Allied Healt0.016.986.46.696.696.984.53%▲4.33%9.06%200
2008-02-08Q2 2008 Allied Healt6.16.766.526.16.59-3.55%-6.44%-9.76%2.30K

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