American Lorain Corporation (ALN) - Earnings & Price History

ALN: American Lorain Corporation - 0.29, $11.48M, -0.04 (-12.12%)

Sector: Consumer Goods - Industry: Processed & Packaged Goods

American Lorain Corporation, through its subsidiaries, develops, manufactures, and sells various food products in the Peoples Republic of China. It offers chestnut products, including frozen chestnuts and aerated open-bottom chestnuts; and frozen food products, such as frozen vegetables and frozen fruits The company also provides convenience foods comprising ready-to-cook food products, ready-to-eat food products, and meals ready-to- eat products consisting of meal kits with self-heating devices or microwavable kits, such as microwavable rice boxes for military use, as well as for camping, traveling, and other occasions. The company markets and sells its products to supermarket chains, mass merchandisers, wholesalers, and others, as well as to third-party distributors. It also exports its products to the Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. The company was formerly k

Past ALN reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2012-08-14Q2 2012 American Lor1.
2012-05-15AMCQ1 2012 American Lor1.
2012-04-05American Lorain0.
2012-03-30AMCQ4 2011 American Lor1.371.311.381.361.425.34%▲-0.72%4.58%56.30K
2011-11-15American Lorain0.21.361.411.381.361.39-2.13%-1.45%-3.55%12.50K
2011-11-14AMCQ3 2011 American Lor1.411.351.371.371.441.48%2.92%4.44%19.10K
2011-08-15AMCQ2 2011 American Lor1.811.91.881.751.88-1.05%-3.72%-4.74%30.30K
2011-05-16AMCQ1 2011 American Lor2.
2011-03-31AMCQ4 2010 American Lor0.▲-11.54%-9.45%164.30K
2010-11-17American Lorain0.152.752.72.752.722.781.85%1.85%52.70K
2010-11-16Q3 2010 AMERICAN LOR0.
2010-08-11BMOAmerican Lorain0.082.863.143.122.863.12-0.64%-8.33%-8.92%70.50K
2010-05-13BMOAmerican Lorain0.073.453.43.313.283.47-2.65%4.23%1.47%117.40K
2010-04-06American Lorain0.23.63.583.623.433.631.12%-0.55%0.56%91.00K
2009-11-13BMOAmerican Lorain0.132.782.82.812.6530.36%-1.07%-0.71%141.00K

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