ATA, Inc. (ATAI) - Earnings & Price History

ATAI: ATA, Inc. - 4.638, $106.21M, 0.00 (0.00%)

Sector: Services - Industry: Education & Training Services

ATA Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides computer-based testing services in the Peoples Republic of China. The company offers services for the creation and delivery of computer-based tests utilizing its test delivery platform and proprietary testing technologies that are used for professional licensure and certification tests in various industries, including IT services, banking, teaching, and insurance, as well as administrative services, such as test registration, scheduling, fee collection, and certification fulfillment. Its e-testing platform integrates aspects of the test delivery process for computer-based tests from test form compilation to test scoring and results analysis; and patented mobile test administration platform for test administration. The company also offers HR Select, an employee assessment solution that enables corporate human resources departments to test, benc

Past ATAI reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2014-11-10AMCAta Inc-adr0.063.873.963.963.83.97-2.27%-2.27%12.40K
2014-08-07AMCAta Inc-adr0.024.534.484.444.444.53-0.89%2.03%1.12%2.90K
2014-05-29AMCAta Inc-adr-
2014-02-24AMCAta Inc-adr0.2543.97444.10.76%▲0.76%4.70K
2013-11-07AMCAta Inc-adr-0.11-
2013-08-08AMCAta Inc-adr0.020.065.2455.
2012-08-06AMCQ1 2013 ATA Inc. Ear0.
2012-05-23AMCQ4 2012 ATA Inc. Ear0.030.026.356.86.56.356.5-4.41%-2.31%-6.62%4.10K
2012-02-21AMCQ3 2012 ATA Inc Earn0.20.267.15776.937.152.14%2.14%3.20K
2011-11-04AMCQ2 2012 ATA Inc Earn-0.0109.839.949.959.59.950.10%-1.21%-1.11%2.30K
2011-08-04AMCQ1 2012 ATA Inc Earn0.089.5110.159.199.85-10.34%4.51%-6.31%18.10K
2011-06-01AMCQ4 2011 ATA Inc. Ear-0.09-0.0412.3412.6212.7511.7512.751.03%-3.22%-2.22%158.60K
2011-02-22Q3 2011 ATA Inc. Ear0.110.224.98554.95-0.40%-0.40%22.60K
2010-11-09Q2 2011 ATA Inc. Ear-0.13-0.13.873.313.353.354.191.21%15.52%16.92%47.20K
2010-08-10AMCQ1 2011 ATA Inc. Ear0.0633.063.072.933.190.33%-2.28%-1.96%7.90K
2010-06-07Q4 2010 ATA Inc. Ear-0.13-0.253.433.363.363.363.482.08%2.08%3.40K
2010-02-09AMCQ3 2010 ATA Inc. Ear0.▲3.35%1.37%13.00K
2009-11-09BMOQ2 2010 ATA Inc. Ear-0.02-0.114.454.944.124.94-1.20%-10.93%-12.00%221.90K
2009-09-04Ata Inc-adr0.086.636.76.636.56.7-1.04%-1.04%3.80K
2009-09-03AMCQ1 2010 ATA Inc. Ear0.
2009-05-14Q4 2009 ATA Inc. Ear-0.07-
2009-02-13Q3 2009 ATA Inc. Ear0.▲11.84%7.05%24.00K
2008-11-11BMOQ2 2009 ATA Inc. Ear0.
2008-08-28Q1 2009 ATA Inc. Ear0.070.0811.8111.6211.8211.5811.821.72%-0.08%1.64%4.40K
2008-05-15Q4 2008 ATA Inc. Ear-0.06-0.0912.5611.9711.9511.7112.62-0.17%5.10%4.93%15.40K
2008-03-11Q3 2008 ATA Inc. Ear0.1312.3212.812.5912.1512.67-1.64%-2.14%-3.75%4.40K

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