BioTime, Inc. (BTX) - Earnings & Price History

BTX: BioTime, Inc. - 2.31, $279.27M, -0.09 (-3.75%)

Sector: Healthcare - Industry: Biotechnology

BioTime, Inc., a biotechnology company, focuses on developing and commercializing novel therapies based on HyStem cell delivery and pluripotent stem cell technology platforms. The company focuses on regenerative medicine, which refers to therapies based on stem cell technology designed to rebuild cell and tissue function lost due to degenerative disease or injury. It is developing Renevia that is in pivotal clinical trial for HIV related facial lipoatrophy; AST-VAC1, a cancer immunotherapy that is in Phase II clinical trials for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia; OpRegen, which is in Phase I/IIa clinical trial to treat the dry form of age-related macular degeneration; and AST-OPC1 that is in Phase I/II clinical trials for spinal cord injuries. The company also develops Premvia, a HyStem hydrogel formulation of cross-linked thiol-modified hyaluronan and thiol-modified gelatin to man

Past BTX reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2012-08-09AMCQ2 2012 BioTime Earn3.813.883.883.814.04-1.80%-1.80%64.80K
2012-05-10AMCQ1 2012 BioTime Earn3.743.873.83.693.9-1.81%-1.58%-3.36%92.00K
2012-03-14AMCQ4 2011 Biotime Inc 4.784.834.814.754.85-0.41%-0.62%-1.04%96.70K
2011-11-08AMCQ3 2011 Biotime Inc 4.294.614.454.294.59-3.47%-3.60%-6.94%88.50K
2011-08-09AMCQ2 2011 Biotime Inc 4.474.924.494.464.75-8.74%▲-0.45%-9.15%174.00K
2011-05-05AMCQ1 2011 Biotime Inc 6.356.046.155.766.391.82%3.25%5.13%450.90K
2011-03-15Q4 2010 BioTime Earn7.567.877.87.517.92-0.89%-3.08%-3.94%168.40K
2010-11-15Q3 2010 BioTime Earn7.296.916.96.637.43-0.14%5.65%5.50%391.20K
2010-08-16AMCQ2 2010 BioTime Earn5.365.315.45.35.561.69%▲-0.74%0.94%141.70K
2010-05-05BMOQ1 2010 BioTime Earn7.337.777.587.227.58-2.45%-3.30%-5.66%213.40K
2010-03-10Q4 2009 BioTime Earn5.425.455.025.015.5-7.89%7.97%-0.55%91.00K
2009-11-24Q3 2009 BioTime Earn4.053.593.
2009-08-14BMOQ2 2009 BioTime Earn3.
2009-05-15Q1 2009 BioTime Earn2.92.62.642.592.91.54%9.85%11.54%255.90K
2009-03-30BMOQ4 2008 BioTime Earn-
2008-11-19Q3 2008 BioTime Earn-0.051.862.212.191.792.23-0.90%-15.07%-15.84%695.00K
2008-08-14AMCQ2 2008 BioTime Earn-0.030.940.920.970.850.975.43%▲-3.09%2.17%24.00K
2008-05-15AMCQ1 2008 BioTime Earn-0.020.490.50.470.460.51-6.00%4.26%-2.00%24.40K
2008-04-14AMCQ4 2007 BioTime Earn-0.010.450.430.40.40.47-6.98%12.50%4.65%156.90K
2007-11-14AMCQ3 2007 BioTime Earn-0.010.650.60.580.580.65-3.33%12.07%8.33%18.00K
2007-08-15AMCQ2 2007 BioTime Earn-0.020.420.430.430.420.43-2.33%-2.33%5.30K
2007-05-16Q1 2007 BioTime Earn-0.020.550.540.550.550.551.85%1.85%500
2007-04-17Q4 2006 BioTime Earn-
2006-11-15Q3 2006 BioTime Earn-
2006-08-16BMOQ2 2006 BioTime Earn-0.02-▲-16.67%1.50K
2006-05-16Q1 2006 BioTime Earn-0.020.310.310.310.310.3113.40K
2005-11-14AMCQ3 2005 BioTime Earn-0.04-
2005-08-15Q2 2005 BioTime Earn-0.04-0.020.620.650.650.60.65-4.62%-4.62%53.80K
2005-05-17BMOQ1 2005 BioTime Earn-0.040.650.650.650.60.6923.00K
2005-03-31AMCQ4 2004 BioTime Earn1.
2004-11-15AMCQ3 2004 BioTime Earn1.321.
2004-08-13Q2 2004 BioTime Earn1.▲1.60%8.50K

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