CEMEX, S.A.B. de C.V. (CX) - Earnings & Price History

CX: CEMEX, S.A.B. de C.V. - 8.01, $12.28B, -0.10 (-1.23%)

Sector: Industrial Goods - Industry: Cement

CEMEX, S.A.B. de C.V. produces, markets, distributes, and sells cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates, and other construction materials in Mexico and internationally. The company also offers various complementary construction products, including asphalt products; concrete blocks and roof tiles; architectural products; concrete pipes for storm and sanitary sewers applications; and other precast products comprising rail products, concrete floors, box culverts, bridges, drainage basins, barriers, and parking curbs. In addition, it provides building solutions for housing projects, pavement projects, and green building consultancy services; and information technology solutions and services. The company has operations in Mexico, the United States, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, South America, the Caribbean, and Asia. CEMEX, S.A.B. de C.V. was founded in 1906 and is based in San Pedro Gar

Past CX reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2015-02-05Cemex Sa Adr-0.09-
2014-10-23BMOCemex Sa Adr0.01-0.0811.9111.5911.5211.5212.06-0.60%3.39%2.76%12.39M
2014-07-18Cemex Sa Adr0.010.0613.0413.2213.1112.9413.21-0.83%-0.53%-1.36%8.88M
2014-05-02Cemex Sa Adr-0.16-0.2412.8812.912.8912.712.9-0.08%-0.08%-0.16%9.01M
2014-02-06Cemex Sa Adr-0.11-0.2112.8312.8513.1112.5313.152.02%-2.14%-0.16%13.47M
2013-10-24BMOCemex Sa Adr-0.01-0.1310.9710.5810.5710.5311.1-0.09%3.78%3.69%36.07M
2013-07-26Cemex Sa Adr-0.0411.3811.711.6511.3611.71-0.43%-2.32%-2.74%10.03M
2013-04-25Cemex Sa Adr-0.1-0.2411.5111.2811.1511.0111.85-1.15%3.23%2.04%34.86M
2013-02-07Cemex Sa Adr-0.12-0.4310.3910.3710.3810.310.850.10%0.10%0.19%10.90M
2012-10-15Cemex Sa Adr-0.09-
2012-07-20Cemex Sa Adr-0.08-0.176.817.116.866.756.94-3.52%-0.73%-4.22%13.26M
2012-04-27Cemex Sa Adr-0.11-
2012-02-02BMOCemex Sa Adr-0.17-0.147.867.
2011-10-26Cemex Sa Adr-0.09-0.794.453.713.983.844.657.28%11.81%19.95%54.14M
2011-07-22Cemex Sa Adr-0.05-0.287.357.57.347.287.58-2.13%0.14%-2.00%11.17M
2011-04-29BMOCemex Sa Adr-0.11-0.278.688.698.778.618.80.92%-1.03%-0.12%12.15M
2010-10-27Cemex Sa Adr-0.038.848.718.798.668.860.92%0.57%1.49%9.30M
2010-07-27Cemex Sa Adr0.049.499.679.499.399.66-1.86%-1.86%14.94M
2010-04-27BMOCemex Sa Adr-0.1911.5512.1911.9111.4112.05-2.30%-3.02%-5.25%28.85M
2010-01-28Cemex Sa Adr-
2009-10-27AMCCemex Sa Adr0.1610.4911.3310.9810.1411.02-3.09%-4.46%-7.41%34.92M
2009-07-29Cemex Sa Adr0.219.418.779.169.19.534.45%2.73%7.30%11.16M

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