Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment Inc. (DDE) - Earnings & Price History

DDE: Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment Inc. - 1.0001, $33.48M, -0.01 (-0.98%)

Sector: Services - Industry: Gaming Activities

Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, operates as a gaming and entertainment resort destination in the United States. It operates the Dover Downs Casino, a 165,000 square foot casino complex comprising table games, roulette, card games, slot machines, multi-player electronic table games, poker room, race and sports book operation, and fire and ice lounge, as well as various bars, restaurants, and retail outlets. The companys operations also comprise the Dover Downs Hotel and Conference Center, a 500 room AAA Four Diamond hotel with fine dining restaurant, spa/salon, conference, banquet, ballroom, and concert hall facilities; and Dover Downs Raceway, a harness racing track with pari-mutuel wagering on live and simulcast horse races. As of December 31, 2015, it operated 2,300 slot machines. Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment, Inc. was founded in 1969 and

Past DDE reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2015-01-29BMODover Downs Gam-
2014-10-30BMODover Downs Gam0.020.720.660.720.710.829.09%▲9.09%196.50K
2014-07-24BMODover Downs Gam0.011.311.331.321.311.34-0.75%-0.76%-1.50%36.50K
2014-04-24BMODover Downs Gam-0.031.381.451.451.311.45-4.83%-4.83%124.30K
2014-01-30BMODover Downs Gam-0.011.561.521.481.481.56-2.63%5.41%2.63%25.20K
2013-10-24BMODover Downs Gam0.040.011.751.751.741.691.75-0.57%▲0.57%63.00K
2013-07-25BMODover Downs Gam0.021.421.421.431.411.450.70%-0.70%83.20K
2013-01-24BMODover Downs Gam-
2012-07-26BMOQ2 2012 Dover Downs
2012-04-26BMOQ1 2012 Dover Downs
2012-01-26BMOQ4 2011 Dover Downs
2011-10-27Q3 2011 Dover Downs▲-9.47%76.00K
2011-07-28Q2 2011 Dover Downs
2011-04-28Q1 2011 Dover Downs 0.0703.523.593.593.523.59-1.95%-1.95%13.00K
2011-01-27Q4 2010 Dover Downs
2010-10-28Q3 2010 Dover Downs▲2.35%2.96%20.50K
2010-07-29BMOQ2 2010 Dover Downs
2010-04-29BMOQ1 2010 Dover Downs
2010-01-28Q4 2009 Dover Downs
2009-10-29Q3 2009 Dover Downs▲-1.25%-2.46%58.00K
2009-07-30BMOQ2 2009 Dover Downs
2009-04-30BMOQ1 2009 Dover Downs
2009-02-02Q4 2008 Dover Downs
2008-10-30Q3 2008 Dover Downs▲3.64%-1.54%147.80K
2008-07-24BMOQ2 2008 Dover Downs
2008-04-24Q1 2008 Dover Downs
2008-01-24Q4 2007 Dover Downs
2007-10-25Q3 2007 Dover Downs 0.220.2310.9810.7410.9510.9511.411.96%▲0.27%2.23%207.10K
2007-07-26Q2 2007 Dover Downs
2007-04-26Q1 2007 Dover Downs 0.20.2113.413.2113.261313.540.38%1.06%1.44%127.00K
2007-01-25Q4 2006 Dover Downs 0.1914.1814.4414.413.7914.4-0.28%-1.53%-1.80%114.80K
2006-10-26BMOQ3 2006 Dover Downs 0.210.2214.4512.6713.2413.214.94.50%▲9.14%14.05%232.40K
2006-07-27BMOQ2 2006 Dover Downs 0.190.1816.1214.8414.8414.2516.278.63%8.63%463.80K
2006-04-27BMOQ1 2006 Dover Downs 0.170.1924.624.122524.2825.753.65%-1.60%1.99%216.20K
2006-01-26BMOQ4 2005 Dover Downs 0.150.1615.5814.5614.8114.81161.72%5.20%7.01%66.00K
2005-10-27BMOQ3 2005 Dover Downs 0.180.1712.3512.5512.5512.3512.59-1.59%-1.59%147.40K
2005-07-28BMOQ2 2005 Dover Downs 0.1614.1114.1514.213.9714.20.35%-0.63%-0.28%26.80K
2005-04-28BMOQ1 2005 Dover Downs 0.150.1412.212.4912.3912.212.39-0.80%-1.53%-2.32%9.60K
2005-01-27BMOQ4 2004 Dover Downs 13.714.3114.313.3914.31-0.07%-4.20%-4.26%277.80K
2004-10-28BMOQ3 2004 Dover Downs 9.569.419.419.389.561.59%1.59%42.40K
2004-07-29BMOQ2 2004 Dover Downs 9.819.319.379.379.90.64%4.70%5.37%40.20K
2004-04-29BMOQ1 2004 Dover Downs 11.3511.6211.6911.3211.750.60%-2.91%-2.32%14.10K
2004-01-29BMOQ4 2003 Dover Downs 10.2410.310.2510.0410.26-0.49%-0.10%-0.58%52.00K
2003-10-30BMOQ3 2003 Dover Downs 9.088.898.948.949.190.56%▲1.57%2.14%48.40K
2003-07-24Q2 2003 Dover Downs
2003-01-30Q4 2002 Dover Downs 9.018.558.538.539.05-0.23%5.63%5.38%11.80K
2002-04-26Q1 2002 Dover Downs 12.412.7712.7712.2512.8-2.90%-2.90%45.30K

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