DCP Midstream Partners LP (DPM) - Market Data

DPM: DCP Midstream Partners LP - 37.6, $0.00M, 0.40 (0.00%)

Sector: Basic Materials - Industry: Oil & Gas Pipelines

1. Price37.602. Volume97,898.003. SectorBasic Materials4. IndustryOil & Gas Pipelines
5. $ Change0.406. % Change0.007. Open37.678. Day Low37.30
9. Day High37.7410. 52 Week Low15.2511. 52 Week High39.4912. Market Cap0.00
13. Dollar Volume3.6814. Average Volume(3m)396,674.0015. Relative Volume(3m)0.2516. PE Ratio
17. 20-day avg true range/price2.7018. Option1.00
19. % off 5 Day Low2.1520. % off 5 Day High-2.9921. % off 20 Day Low5.5022. % off 20 Day High-4.79
23. ExchangeNULL24. NameDCP Midstream Partners LP25. CountryUnited States 26. Number of Employee
27. Outstanding Shares107,920,000.0028. Floating Shares74,230,000.0029. % Owned by Insiders26.0030. % Owned by Institutions56.00
31. Shares Short3,090,000.0032. Short % of Float4.16
Financial: Valuation & Growth
33. Shares Short Last Month2,820,000.0034. Short % Change Since Last Month9.5735. Short Ratio11.4036. Estimate 1 year target36.97
37. Last Trade Date2017-01-2038. Enterprise Value7,930.0039. Enterprise Value/Revenue 2.3940. Enterprise Value/EBITDA21.36
41. EBITDA (ttm)0.0042. PEG Ratio0.0043. Forward PE Ratio19.5844. Price to Sales (ttm)
45. Price to Book (mrq)46. EPS1.7747. Price to Tangibles (ttm)48. Price to Cash Flow (ttm)
49. Price to Free Cash Flow (ttm)50. EPS Estimate Current Year1.7651. EPS Estimate Next Year1.6852. EPS Estimate Next Quarter0.00
53. EPS (mrq) vs Qtr. 1y Ago54. EPS (ttm) vs ttm 1y Ago
Financial: Profitability & Dividend
55. EPS-5y Growth Rate56. Sales (mrq) vs Qtr. 1y Ago57. Sales (ttm) vs ttm 1y Ago58. Sales-5y Growth Rate
59. Capital Spending-5y Growth60. Gross Margin (ttm)61. Gross Margin-5y Avg62. EBITD Margin (ttm)
63. EBITD-5y Avg64. Operating Margin (ttm)65. Operating Margin-5y Avg66. Pre-Tax Margin (ttm)
67. Pre-Tax Margin-5y Avg68. Net Profit Margin (ttm)69. Net Profit Margin-5y Avg70. Effective Tax Rate (ttm)
71. Effecitve Tax Rate-5y Avg72. Dividend Yield5.30
Financial: Strength & Efficiency
73. Dividend2.9874. Dividend Yield(ttm)2.9675. Dividend Yield-5y Avg6.5076. Dividend 5y Growth Rate
77. Payout Ratio202.0078. Book Value0.0079. Total Cash(mrq)27.0080. Total Debt(mrq)2,330.00
81. Quick Ratio (mrq)82. Current Ratio (mrq)83. LT Debt to Equity(mrq)84. Total Debt to Equity(mrq)
85. Interest Coverage (ttm)86. Return on Assets (ttm)87. Return on Assets-5y Avg88. Return on Investment (ttm)
89. Return on Investment-5y Avg
90. Return on Equity (ttm)91. Return on Equity-5y Avg92. Receivable Turnover (ttm)93. Inventory Turnover (ttm)
94. Asset Turnover (ttm)95. Beta0.6996. RSI42.7497. Williams %R-49.09
98. Money Flow Index44.9399. % Morning Gap1.26100. % off Open-0.19101. % 10d MA over 20d MA-0.66
102. % 20d MA over 50d MA2.49103. % 50d MA over 200d MA6.15104. % off 50-Day MA1.81105. % off 200-Day MA8.08
106. % Since H 2010-01-19107. % Since L 2010-02-09108. % Change Pre-Market109. % Change After Hour
110. IPO since2005-12-01

NOTE: non-share related money are in millions.

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