Enerplus Corporation (ERF) - Earnings & Price History

ERF: Enerplus Corporation - 9.365, $2.26B, 0.20 (2.13%)

Sector: Basic Materials - Industry: Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration

Enerplus Corporation, together with subsidiaries, engages in the exploration and development of crude oil and natural gas in the United States and Canada. The company primarily has interests in approximately 110,000 net acres of lands comprising approximately 70,000 net acres targeting the Stacked Mannville zones and 66,000 net acres in the Willesden Green region of Alberta. As of December 31, 2015, it had proved plus probable gross reserves of 17.2 million barrels (MMbbls) of light and medium crude oil; 41.5 MMbbls of heavy crude oil; 131.3 MMbbls of tight oil; 15.7 MMbbls of natural gas liquids; 237.4 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of conventional natural gas; and 963.4 Bcf of shale gas. The company was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Calgary, Canada.Key Statistics

Past ERF reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2014-11-07BMOEnerplus Corp0.250.2814.7813.3113.9513.8715.034.81%5.95%11.04%2.13M
2014-08-08BMOEnerplus Corp0.360.1822.5822.1822.2421.8922.730.27%1.53%1.80%493.50K
2014-05-09BMOEnerplus Corp0.160.1821.0921.9122.0220.1822.020.50%▲-4.22%-3.74%2.07M
2014-02-21BMOEnerplus Corp0.120.1619.3119.8319.8319.1319.86-2.62%-2.62%856.00K
2013-11-08BMOEnerplus Corp0.230.1617.2816.7616.8316.817.40.42%2.67%3.10%974.00K
2013-08-09AMCEnerplus Corp0.240.2516.8617.0317.0216.7317.07-0.06%-0.94%-1.00%548.20K
2013-05-10BMOEnerplus Corp0.080.1615.0314.2514.2914.1515.070.28%▲5.18%5.47%1.87M
2012-11-09BMOEnerplus Corp-0.13-0.3212.8415.0114.3712.7214.4-4.26%-10.65%-14.46%4.90M
2012-08-10BMOEnerplus Corp0.5114.2114.5314.4414.1214.49-0.62%-1.59%-2.20%1.32M
2012-05-11Enerplus Corp0.0415.3916.115.9315.3315.93-1.06%▲-3.39%-4.41%2.81M
2012-02-24BMOEnerplus Corp0.07-1.6723.9624.6424.5823.7724.66-0.24%-2.52%-2.76%2.50M
2011-11-10BMOEnerplus Corp0.230.627.0327.7428.0626.6728.061.15%-3.67%-2.56%1.51M
2011-08-05BMOEnerplus Corp1.5326.827.8328.0725.6428.130.86%-4.52%-3.70%3.47M
2011-05-13BMOEnerplus Corp0.0730.1230.2430.1629.8530.44-0.26%▲-0.13%-0.40%729.90K
2011-02-25Enerplus Corp-0.0132.6831.7431.8131.7732.80.22%2.73%2.96%950.70K
2010-11-12Enerplus Rsrcs-0.0127.7528.1627.5327.4927.96-2.24%0.80%-1.46%913.00K
2010-08-06Enerplus Rsrcs0.0923.1423.1723.372323.370.86%-0.98%-0.13%477.10K
2010-05-07Enerplus Rsrcs0.122.8222.2623.222.7623.564.22%▲-1.64%2.52%1.01M
2009-11-13Enerplus Rsrcs-0.0123.1622.9822.9322.9323.44-0.22%1.00%0.78%512.30K
2009-08-10Enerplus Rsrcs0.0120.9721.621.3520.7221.56-1.16%-1.78%-2.92%511.40K
2009-05-08Enerplus Rsrcs0.0122.9323.6423.3722.6423.37-1.14%▲-1.88%-3.00%1.07M

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