Escalon Medical Corp. (ESMC) - Earnings & Price History

ESMC: Escalon Medical Corp. - 0.2055, $1.55M, 0.00 (0.00%)

Sector: Healthcare - Industry: Medical Appliances & Equipment

Escalon Medical Corp. develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes medical devices and pharmaceuticals in the area of ophthalmology in the United States and Europe. It offers A-Scan, which provides information about the internal structure of the eye; B-Scan, a diagnostic tool that supplies information to physicians where the media within the eye are cloudy or opaque; UBM, a high frequency/high resolution ultrasound device, which provides detailed information about the anterior segment of the eye; and pachymeter that measures the thickness of cornea. The company also provides color/fluorescein angiography digital imaging systems that are primarily used in detecting retinal problems in diabetic and elderly patients; and Ispan intraocular gases, such as C3F8 and SF6, which are used by vitreoretinal surgeons as a temporary tamponade in detached retina surgery, as well as a patented dispo

Past ESMC reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2012-09-26AMCQ4 2012 Escalon Medi0.
2012-05-15AMCQ3 2012 Escalon Medi1.▲9.43%1.75%3.20K
2012-02-14AMCQ2 2012 Escalon Medi0.80.780.
2011-11-14Q1 2012 Escalon Medi1.
2011-09-28AMCQ4 2011 Escalon Medi1.11.331.281.11.28-3.76%-14.06%-17.29%4.50K
2011-05-16Q3 2011 Escalon Medi1.
2011-02-11Q2 2011 Escalon Medi1.351.351.351.351.351.10K
2010-11-15Q1 2011 Escalon Medi1.551.461.551.461.556.16%6.16%7.70K
2010-09-28AMCQ4 2010 Escalon Medi1.631.741.691.621.69-2.87%-3.55%-6.32%1.00K
2010-05-20AMCQ3 2010 Escalon Medi1.71.71.711.71.710.59%▲-0.58%8.20K
2010-02-22Q2 2010 Escalon Medi1.621.571.541.541.64-1.91%5.19%3.18%10.20K
2009-11-20BMOQ1 2010 Escalon Medi1.511.521.511.511.53-0.66%-0.66%18.40K
2009-10-13AMCQ4 2009 Escalon Medi1.672.062.041.612.04-0.97%-18.14%-18.93%202.40K
2009-05-15AMCQ3 2009 Escalon Medi1.661.791.591.591.77-11.17%▲4.40%-7.26%2.20K
2009-02-17AMCQ2 2009 Escalon Medi1.721.951.851.51.95-5.13%-7.03%-11.79%18.00K
2008-11-13AMCQ1 2009 Escalon Medi1.
2008-09-29AMCQ4 2008 Escalon Medi-1.8222.

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