Flexible Solutions International Inc. (FSI) - Earnings & Price History

FSI: Flexible Solutions International Inc. - 1.87, $21.73M, -0.02 (-1.06%)

Sector: Basic Materials - Industry: Specialty Chemicals

Flexible Solutions International Inc., together with its subsidiaries, develops, manufactures, and markets specialty chemicals that slow the evaporation of water. Its products include HEATSAVR, a chemical product for use in swimming pools and spas that forms a thin and transparent layer on the waters surface; ECOSAVR, a disposable dispenser designed for the residential pool and spa market; and WATERSAVR to reduce water evaporation in reservoirs, potable water storage tanks, livestock watering ponds, aqueducts, canals, and irrigation ditches, as well as for lawn and turf care, and potted and bedding plants. It also offers thermal polyaspartate biopolymers (TPAs) for oil well to reduce scale and corrosion in various water systems; and for the agricultural industry to reduce fertilizer crystallization before, during, and after application, as well as to prevent crystal formation between fer

Past FSI reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2014-11-14AMCFlexible Soltns0.011.271.381.381.161.4-7.97%-7.97%336.40K
2014-08-14AMCFlexible Soltns0.
2014-05-15AMCFlexible Soltns0.01-0.010.680.620.620.580.699.68%9.68%43.40K
2014-03-31AMCFlexible Soltns-▲-5.06%8.90K
2013-11-14AMCFlexible Soltns-0.01-0.050.9210.970.921-3.00%-5.15%-8.00%6.00K
2013-08-14AMCFlexible Soltns0.
2013-05-15AMCFlexible Soltns0.910.970.950.880.97-2.06%▲-4.21%-6.19%48.90K
2012-11-14Flexible Soltns-0.01-
2012-08-14AMCQ2 2012 Flexible Sol0.01-
2012-05-15AMCQ1 2012 Flexible Sol0.030.021.661.761.741.611.76-1.14%▲-4.60%-5.68%50.60K
2012-03-29AMCQ4 2011 Flexible Sol-
2011-11-14AMCQ3 2011 Flexible Sol0.01-0.012.982.793.022.963.28.24%-1.32%6.81%152.30K
2011-08-15AMCQ2 2011 Flexible Sol0.020.012.962.952.982.662.991.02%-0.67%0.34%42.50K
2011-05-16AMCQ1 2011 Flexible Sol0.▲13.83%9.74%52.60K
2011-03-31AMCQ4 2010 FLEXIBLE SOL-0.01-0.031.721.481.51.51.781.35%▲14.67%16.22%58.80K
2010-11-11AMCQ3 2010 FLEXIBLE SOL1.391.41.351.351.39-3.57%2.96%-0.71%12.80K
2010-08-12AMCQ2 2010 FLEXIBLE SOL1.361.361.361.361.367.10K
2010-05-13AMCQ1 2010 FLEXIBLE SOL1.941.841.841.841.945.43%5.43%16.10K
2010-03-30AMCQ4 2009 FLEXIBLE SOL1.651.651.611.611.68-2.42%▲2.48%12.10K
2009-11-12AMCQ3 2009 FLEXIBLE SOL1.
2009-08-13AMCQ2 2009 FLEXIBLE SOL-
2009-05-14AMCQ1 2009 FLEXIBLE SOL-0.011.451.451.451.451.45300
2009-03-26AMCQ4 2008 FLEXIBLE SOL-▲-2.56%-2.06%18.00K
2008-11-13AMCQ3 2008 FLEXIBLE SOL0.

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