Granite City Food & Brewery Ltd. (GCFB) - Earnings & Price History

GCFB: Granite City Food & Brewery Ltd. - 0.3501, $6.32M, -0.09 (-20.43%)

Sector: Services - Industry: Restaurants

Granite City Food & Brewery Ltd. operates casual dining restaurants in the United States. The companys restaurants include the Granite City Food & Brewery restaurant with an upscale casual dining theme that offers various menu items and handcrafted beers; and the Cadillac Ranch All American Bar & Grill restaurant, which offers American cuisine environment. As of December 29, 2015, it operated 34 Granite City restaurants in 14 states; and 5 Cadillac Ranch restaurants in 5 states. The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Granite City Food & Brewery Ltd. is a subsidiary of Concept Development Partners LLC.Key Statistics

Past GCFB reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2012-11-06AMCGranite City Fd-
2012-08-07Q2 2012 Granite City2.
2012-08-06AMCGranite City Fd-
2012-05-10Q1 2012 Granite City2.362.▲3.06%6.79%1.20K
2012-05-08AMCGranite City Fd-
2012-03-23Q4 2011 Granite City2.082.042.0422.081.96%1.96%3.60K
2012-03-13AMCGranite City Fd-0.682.
2011-11-08AMCQ3 2011 Granite City2.342.492.432.32.43-2.41%-3.70%-6.02%5.00K
2011-08-09AMCQ2 2011 Granite City2.72.9232.6532.74%-10.00%-7.53%7.30K
2011-05-04AMCQ1 2011 Granite City3.623.233.673.363.6813.62%▲-1.36%12.07%21.00K
2011-02-23AMCQ4 2010 Granite City3.924.074.33.724.35.65%-8.84%-3.69%11.70K
2010-11-09AMCQ3 2010 Granite City1.851.91.921.851.921.05%-3.65%-2.63%25.30K
2010-08-09AMCQ2 2010 Granite City1.811.741.761.741.881.15%2.84%4.02%2.10K
2010-05-10AMCQ1 2010 Granite City221.951.952.05-2.50%▲2.56%6.20K
2010-03-17AMCQ4 2009 Granite City-0.96-0.371.551.651.661.491.690.61%-6.63%-6.06%30.10K
2009-11-09AMCQ3 2009 Granite City-0.84-0.660.450.460.480.410.494.35%-6.25%-2.17%9.50K
2009-08-10AMCQ2 2009 Granite City-0.81-0.960.380.430.430.360.45-11.63%-11.63%9.80K
2009-05-11AMCQ1 2009 Granite City-1.18-1.020.430.560.530.40.6-5.36%▲-18.87%-23.21%31.40K
2009-03-11AMCQ4 2008 Granite City-0.99-
2008-10-29AMCQ3 2008 Granite City-0.98-1.140.640.630.650.570.663.17%-1.54%1.59%1.30K
2008-07-29AMCQ2 2008 Granite City-1.06-1.21.581.691.711.361.711.18%-7.60%-6.51%9.40K
2008-04-30AMCQ1 2008 Granite City-1.2-1.622.452.722.422.262.65-11.03%▲1.24%-9.93%6.60K
2008-02-26AMCQ4 2007 Granite City-1.14-1.682.

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