Gerdau S.A. (GGB) - Earnings & Price History

GGB: Gerdau S.A. - 3.255, $5.69B, -0.06 (-1.66%)

Sector: Basic Materials - Industry: Steel & Iron

Gerdau S.A. produces and commercializes steel products worldwide. The company operates through Brazil Business Operation, North America Business Operation, South America Business Operation, and Special Steel Business Operation segments. It offers semi-finished products, such as billets, blooms, and slabs; common long rolled products, including rebars, merchant bars, and profiles that are used by the construction and manufacturing industries; and drawn products consisting of barbed and barbless fence wire, galvanized wire, fences, concrete reinforcing wire mesh, nails, and clamps, as well as iron ore. It also produces special steel products used in automotive components, machinery, road and agricultural parts, mining equipment, tools, rail components, and maritime mooring. In addition, it provides flat products, such as hot- and cold-rolled steel coils, heavy plates, and structural profil

Past GGB reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2014-11-05Gerdau Sa Adr0.064.424.514.424.44.48-2.00%-2.00%6.33M
2014-07-30Gerdau Sa Adr0.095.885.995.855.835.96-2.34%0.51%-1.84%6.02M
2014-05-07Gerdau Sa Adr0.16.486.486.526.416.550.62%▲-0.61%4.33M
2013-10-31Gerdau Sa Adr0.
2013-05-07Gerdau Sa Adr0.120.047.357.577.497.287.52-1.06%▲-1.87%-2.91%9.15M
2012-03-08Gerdau Sa Adr0.120.159.969.919.939.8710.070.20%0.30%0.50%5.86M
2011-11-14Gerdau Sa Adr0.110.258.858.788.698.598.97-1.03%1.84%0.80%5.52M
2011-08-18Gerdau Sa Adr0.320.27.837.817.857.88.210.51%-0.25%0.26%11.88M
2011-05-05Gerdau Sa Adr0.080.1610.7310.5410.810.5710.912.47%▲-0.65%1.80%17.76M
2011-03-03Gerdau Sa Adr0.180.0813.8114.0114.1713.7414.241.14%-2.54%-1.43%7.79M
2010-11-09Gerdau Sa Adr0.2813.613.413.413.113.741.49%1.49%6.60M
2010-05-06Gerdau Sa Adr0.1414.1714.4814.2313.6314.62-1.73%▲-0.42%-2.14%16.08M
2010-02-25Gerdau Sa Adr0.214.7514.3614.4614.1814.870.70%2.01%2.72%10.43M
2009-11-05Gerdau Sa Adr0.1816.0816.3916.0515.8916.35-2.07%0.19%-1.89%5.92M
2009-05-07Gerdau Sa Adr0.028.848.498.768.458.913.18%▲0.91%4.12%8.06M

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