GSI Technology Inc. (GSIT) - Earnings & Price History

GSIT: GSI Technology Inc. - 6.8995, $145.18M, -0.02 (-0.30%)

Sector: Technology - Industry: Semiconductor - Broad Line

GSI Technology, Inc., a fabless semiconductor company, designs, develops, and markets memory products primarily for the networking and telecommunications markets in the United States, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and internationally. It offers synchronous static random access memory (SRAM) products, such as BurstRAMs for microprocessor cache applications; No Bus Turnaround SRAMs to address the needs of moderate performance networking applications; and SigmaQuad and SigmaDDR products that are double data rate and quad data rate synchronous SRAMs. The company also provides low latency dynamic random access memory products; and bandwidth engine products. Its products are incorporated in a range of networking and telecommunications equipment, including core routers, multi-service access routers, universal gateways, enterprise edge routers, service provider edge routers, optical edge routers,

Past GSIT reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2015-01-29AMCGsi Technology0.
2014-10-30AMCGsi Technology-0.044.814.824.814.724.88-0.21%-0.21%51.20K
2014-07-31AMCGsi Technology-0.056.426.46.376.336.47-0.47%0.78%0.31%188.80K
2014-05-01AMCGsi Technology-0.25.986.166.055.956.5-1.79%▲-1.16%-2.92%51.10K
2014-01-30AMCGsi Technology-0.08-0.056.666.766.66.526.8-2.37%0.91%-1.48%326.40K
2013-10-31AMCGsi Technology0.030.016.567.026.96.516.9-1.71%-4.93%-6.55%148.00K
2013-07-25AMCGsi Technology0.040.036.956.636.756.757.061.81%2.96%4.83%203.10K
2012-07-26AMCQ1 2013 GSI Technolo0.050.034.954.964.854.815.01-2.22%2.06%-0.20%80.80K
2012-05-03AMCQ4 2012 GSI Technolo-▲-3.73%-0.48%81.10K
2012-01-26AMCQ3 2012 Gsi Technolo0.010.034.734.684.84.674.82.56%-1.46%1.07%51.40K
2011-10-27AMCQ2 2012 Gsi Technolo0.
2011-07-28AMCQ1 2012 Gsi Technolo0.120.116.426.776.246.236.67-7.83%2.88%-5.17%209.80K
2011-05-05AMCQ4 2011 GSI TECHNOLO0.▲-2.69%-21.97%1.16M
2011-01-27AMCQ3 2011 GSI TECHNOLO0.
2010-10-28AMCQ2 2011 GSI TECHNOLO0.120.186.956.
2010-07-29AMCQ1 2011 GSI TECHNOLO0.
2010-05-06AMCQ4 2010 GSI TECHNOLO0.120.145.475.985.95.265.97-1.34%▲-7.29%-8.53%279.70K
2010-02-04Q3 2010 GSI TECHNOLO0.074.54.634.544.14.7-1.94%-0.88%-2.81%290.60K
2009-10-29AMCQ2 2010 GSI TECHNOLO0.040.093.613.573.563.563.9-0.28%1.40%1.12%51.20K
2009-07-30AMCQ1 2010 GSI TECHNOLO0.020.083.964.394.373.874.47-0.46%-9.38%-9.79%73.80K
2009-05-07AMCQ4 2009 GSI TECHNOLO0.▲1.99%-2.54%27.60K
2009-02-05AMCQ3 2009 GSI TECHNOLO0.052.432.522.42.322.51-4.76%1.25%-3.57%84.10K
2008-10-30AMCQ2 2009 GSI TECHNOLO0.
2008-07-31AMCQ1 2009 GSI TECHNOLO0.070.1143.94.223.864.228.21%-5.21%2.56%224.20K
2008-05-08AMCQ4 2008 GSI TECHNOLO0.▲3.54%13.89%328.80K
2008-01-31AMCQ3 2008 GSI TECHNOLO0.050.062.922.522.742.712.948.73%6.57%15.87%281.00K
2007-11-01AMCQ2 2008 GSI TECHNOLO0.050.042.442.852.792.442.81-2.11%-12.54%-14.39%92.40K
2007-08-02AMCQ1 2008 GSI TECHNOLO0.043.94.773.753.254-21.38%4.00%-18.24%175.70K
2007-05-24AMCQ4 2007 GSI Technolo0.070.064.665.55.364.45.36-2.55%▲-13.06%-15.27%252.30K

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