Golden Star Resources, Ltd. (GSS) - Earnings & Price History

GSS: Golden Star Resources, Ltd. - 0.773, $292.64M, -0.01 (-0.90%)

Sector: Basic Materials - Industry: Gold

Golden Star Resources Ltd. operates as a gold mining and exploration company. The company owns and operates the Wassa open-pit gold mine, the Wassa underground development project, and a carbon-in-leach processing plant located approximately 35 kilometers from the town of Tarkwa, Ghana; and Bogoso gold mining and processing operation located near the town of Prestea, Ghana. It also has a 90% interest in the Prestea Underground mine in Ghana; and holds interests in various gold exploration projects in Ghana and other parts of West Africa, and in South America, as well as holds and manages exploration properties in Brazil. The company was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.Key Statistics

Past GSS reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2014-11-05AMCGolden Star Res-
2014-07-30AMCGolden Star Res-0.030.540.550.530.520.55-3.64%1.89%-1.82%1.17M
2014-05-07BMOGolden Star Res-0.06-0.050.590.620.610.590.61-1.61%▲-3.28%-4.84%725.90K
2014-02-19AMCGolden Star Res-0.01-
2013-11-04BMOGolden Star Res-
2013-08-12BMOGolden Star Res-0.04-0.080.610.470.50.470.616.38%22.00%29.79%9.37M
2013-05-08AMCGolden Star Res0.02-0.030.841.010.930.830.95-7.92%▲-9.68%-16.83%5.14M
2013-03-04AMCGolden Star Res0.031.511.541.551.511.60.65%-2.58%-1.95%1.21M
2012-11-07AMCGolden Star Res0.0401.91.91.891.821.95-0.53%0.53%1.75M
2012-08-08AMCGolden Star Res0.020.011.421.341.341.331.425.97%5.97%3.44M
2012-05-09AMCGolden Star Res0.01-0.021.471.391.411.411.51.44%▲4.26%5.76%1.75M
2012-02-22AMCGolden Star Res-
2011-11-08AMCGolden Star Res0.
2011-08-08AMCGolden Star Res-
2011-05-10AMCGolden Star Res0.010.022.772.912.92.752.97-0.34%▲-4.48%-4.81%3.78M
2011-02-23AMCGolden Star Res-0.073.343.923.823.33.84-2.55%-12.57%-14.80%12.00M
2010-11-08AMCGolden Star Res0.054.915.965.794.865.81-2.85%-15.20%-17.62%20.19M
2010-08-09AMCGolden Star Res0.044.434.434.384.264.46-1.13%1.14%2.64M
2010-05-05AMCGolden Star Res0.064.354.354.34.054.46-1.15%▲1.16%5.47M
2010-02-24AMCGolden Star Res0.
2009-11-09AMCGolden Star Res0.013.533.753.693.383.72-1.60%-4.34%-5.87%8.06M
2009-08-10AMCGolden Star Res0.012.322.452.52.322.552.04%-7.20%-5.31%3.71M
2009-05-06AMCGolden Star Res-0.021.591.461.511.461.63.42%▲5.30%8.90%3.39M

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