ImmuCell Corp. (ICCC) - Earnings & Price History

ICCC: ImmuCell Corp. - 7.941, $39.63M, 0.04 (0.52%)

Sector: Healthcare - Industry: Biotechnology

ImmuCell Corporation develops, acquires, manufactures, and sells products that enhance animal health and productivity in the dairy and beef industries in the United States and internationally. The company offers First Defense, an orally delivered scours preventive product that provides bovine antibodies for newborn calves; Wipe Out Dairy Wipes, which consist of towelettes that are pre-moistened with a Nisin-based formulation to prepare the teat area of a cow in advance of milking; and California Mastitis Test that could be used for bulk tank and individual cow sample monitoring, as well as to determine which quarter of the udder is mastitic. It is also involved in the development of Mast Out, a Nisin-based intramammary treatment of subclinical mastitis in lactating dairy cows; and treatments that prevent E. coli K99 and bovine coronavirus, as well as calf scours caused by enteric pathoge

Past ICCC reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2014-11-12AMCImmucell Corp4.764.7754.7154.82%-4.80%-0.21%6.10K
2012-08-13BMOQ2 2012 Immucell Cor5.585.585.585.585.58
2012-05-14BMOQ1 2012 Immucell Cor5.
2012-02-13BMOQ4 2011 Immucell Cor4.75.14.584.584.7-10.20%2.62%-7.84%5.10K
2011-11-14BMOQ3 2011 Immucell Cor5.215.765.055.055.22-12.33%3.17%-9.55%4.90K
2011-08-15BMOQ2 2011 Immucell Cor6.686.926.556.56.96-5.35%1.98%-3.47%3.30K
2011-05-16BMOQ1 2011 Immucell Ear4.494.724.694.454.72-0.64%▲-4.26%-4.87%1.50K
2011-02-09BMOQ4 2010 Immucell Ear3.783.573.63.63.780.84%5.00%5.88%500
2010-11-08BMOQ3 2010 Immucell Ear3.
2010-08-05BMOQ2 2010 Immucell Ear3.
2010-05-06BMOQ1 2010 Immucell Ear3.493.653.653.493.65-4.38%-4.38%9.10K
2010-02-10BMOQ4 2009 Immucell Ear3.993.993.993.993.99
2009-11-04BMOQ3 2009 Immucell Ear3.873.913.873.873.87-1.02%-1.02%200
2009-08-04BMOQ2 2009 Immucell Ear-0.052.792.962.442.392.95-17.57%14.34%-5.74%2.40K
2009-05-05BMOQ1 2009 Immucell Ear-0.011.981.981.981.981.98
2009-02-11BMOQ4 2008 Immucell Ear-0.011.791.71.781.781.794.71%0.56%5.29%2.00K
2008-11-04BMOQ3 2008 Immucell Ear-
2008-08-04BMOQ2 2008 Immucell Ear-0.083.363.853.453.363.62-10.39%-2.61%-12.73%1.30K
2008-05-05BMOQ1 2008 Immucell Ear0.
2008-02-07BMOQ4 2007 Immucell Ear0.023.753.413.413.413.759.97%9.97%1.90K
2000-02-07Immucell Earnings Re6.252.753.093.097.512.36%102.27%127.27%932.90K

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