Image Sensing Systems, Inc. (ISNS) - Earnings & Price History

ISNS: Image Sensing Systems, Inc. - 3.3, $17.05M, 0.00 (0.00%)

Sector: Technology - Industry: Application Software

Image Sensing Systems, Inc. develops and markets software-based computer enabled detection products and solutions for the intelligent transportation systems industry. The company operates in two segments: Intersection and Highway. Its video and radar processing products are used in traffic, security, police, and parking applications, such as intersection control, highway, bridge and tunnel traffic management, venue security, entry control, LPR, and traffic data collection. Image Sensing Systems, Inc. offers various vehicle and traffic detection products, such as Autoscope video systems and RTMS radar systems that convert sensory input collected by video cameras and radar units into vehicle detection and traffic data used to operate, monitor, and enhance the efficiency of roadway infrastructure. The company sells its products to end users comprising federal, state, city, and county depart

Past ISNS reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2014-10-29AMCImage Sense Sys-0.13-0.092.532.853.▲-15.95%-11.23%491.50K
2014-07-30AMCImage Sense Sys-0.05-0.222.542.872.872.42.87-11.50%-11.50%153.70K
2014-04-30AMCImage Sense Sys-0.22-0.574.444.664.574.284.7-1.93%-2.84%-4.72%85.40K
2014-02-26AMCImage Sense Sys-0.19-0.3355.
2013-11-06AMCImage Sense Sys-0.08-0.215.726.75.765.256-14.03%-0.69%-14.63%40.40K
2013-08-07AMCImage Sense Sys0.03-▲5.49%4.17%13.60K
2012-08-01AMCQ2 2012 Image Sensin0.030.054.995.15.084.865.19-0.39%▲-1.77%-2.16%5.60K
2012-05-02AMCQ1 2012 Image Sensin-0.05-0.0776.776.716.677.7-0.89%4.32%3.40%1.10K
2012-02-29AMCQ4 2011 Image Sensin0.07-0.036.966.276.356.027.011.28%9.61%11.00%16.00K
2011-11-03AMCQ3 2011 Image Sensin0.124.916.236.224.916.22-0.16%-21.06%-21.19%37.60K
2011-08-04BMOQ2 2011 Image Sensin0.150.18.3110.19.977.0310.11-1.29%▲-16.65%-17.72%20.50K
2011-08-03AMCImage Sense Sys0.130.18.3110.19.977.0310.11-1.29%▲-16.65%-17.72%20.50K
2011-05-05AMCQ1 2011 Image Sensin-0.1-0.11121212.051212.050.42%-0.41%4.80K
2011-04-20Preliminary Q1 2011 1213.5112.8811.7212.88-4.66%-6.83%-11.18%21.50K
2011-02-23Q4 2010 Image Sensin0.210.3413.6513.991413.3514.340.07%-2.50%-2.43%31.30K
2010-11-04AMCQ3 2010 Image Sensin0.220.2812.511.1911.2511.2512.50.54%11.11%11.71%19.50K
2010-08-04AMCQ2 2010 Image Sensin0.210.2211.611.6811.611.611.6-0.68%▲-0.68%100
2010-05-05AMCImage Sense Sys0.0713.0613.513.5313.0613.530.22%-3.47%-3.26%6.10K
2010-02-24AMCImage Sense Sys0.3913.0713.9613.312.0513.3-4.73%-1.73%-6.38%15.00K
2009-11-04AMCImage Sense Sys12.7912.512.4412.4413-0.48%2.81%2.32%4.00K
2009-08-05AMCImage Sense Sys9.689.84109.6810.911.63%▲-3.20%-1.63%64.30K
2009-05-06AMCImage Sense Sys8.989.98.758.019.24-11.62%2.63%-9.29%23.60K

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