Remark Media, Inc. (MARK) - Earnings & Price History

MARK: Remark Media, Inc. - 3.3966, $82.68M, -0.24 (-6.69%)

Sector: Technology - Industry: Internet Information Providers

Remark Media, Inc. owns, operates, and acquires digital media properties across multiple verticals that deliver content worldwide. The company leverages its digital media assets to target the Millennial demographic, which provides it with access to markets. It operates KanKan, a social media application and data intelligence platform, which aggregates content and consumer-shopping data across social media platforms; that offers users the ability to book lodging, air travel, show tickets, and tours; and Roomlia mobile hotel-booking application that allows users to reserve lodging at participating hotels. The company also operates Website, which provides content for young adults that shares stories of financial success and failure; US Tax Center at that provides users with access to U.S. tax-related information and services; and and

Past MARK reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2012-08-09BMOQ2 2012 Remark Media0.510.51.982.▲-10.00%-10.41%51.10K
2012-05-15Q1 2012 Remark Media3.743.753.773.53.90.53%-0.80%-0.27%10.40K
2012-03-23Q4 2011 Remark Media5.985.756.
2011-11-21Q3 2011 HSW Internat33333100
2011-08-15Q2 2011 HSW Internat54.984.984.8950.40%0.40%600
2011-05-16AMCQ1 2011 HSW Internat4.44.444.254.254.5-4.28%3.53%-0.90%900
2011-03-29AMCQ4 2010 HSW Internat3.
2010-11-12Q3 2010 HSW INTERNAT4.224.784.753.934.75-0.63%-11.16%-11.72%37.70K
2010-08-12Q2 2010 HSW INTERNAT5.35.545.35.285.62-4.33%▲-4.33%42.10K
2010-05-14Q1 2010 HSW INTERNAT2.
2010-04-15AMCQ4 2009 HSW INTERNAT2.172.12.432.172.4315.71%-10.70%3.33%5.20K

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