MEI Pharma, Inc. (MEIP) - Earnings & Price History

MEIP: MEI Pharma, Inc. - 2.52, $96.41M, -0.10 (-3.82%)

Sector: Healthcare - Industry: Drug Manufacturers - Other

MEI Pharma, Inc., an oncology company, focuses on the clinical development of drugs for the treatment of cancer. The companys clinical drug candidate includes Pracinostat, an orally available histone deacetylase inhibitor for the treatment of patients with acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome. Its clinical development portfolio also includes ME-401, an oral inhibitor of phosphatidylinositide 3-kinase delta for the treatment of patients with recurrent chronic lymphocytic leukemia or follicular non-Hodgkins lymphoma; and ME-344, an isoflavone-based mitochondrial inhibitor for the treatment of HER2-negative breast cancer. The company was formerly known as Marshall Edwards, Inc. and changed its name to MEI Pharma, Inc. in July 2012. MEI Pharma, Inc. was founded in 2000 and is based in San Diego, California.Key Statistics

Past MEIP reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2015-01-02Mei Pharma Inc-0.414.54.334.334.284.573.93%3.93%336.00K
2014-03-28Mei Pharma Inc-0.2411.1311.5411.5410.9812.23-3.55%-3.55%1.90M
2014-01-02Mei Pharma Inc-0.27.877.897.897.757.99-0.25%-0.25%37.10K
2013-10-02Mei Pharma Inc-0.229.6810.039.959.5810.04-0.80%-2.71%-3.49%84.00K
2013-06-07Mei Pharma Inc-▲-2.11%-2.35%38.50K
2012-12-07Mei Pharma Inc-
2012-09-28Mei Pharma Inc-0.150.420.460.470.420.52.17%-10.64%-8.70%4.60K
2012-09-18AMCQ4 2012 MEI Pharma I-0.15-0.120.470.380.420.420.4710.53%11.90%23.68%36.00K
2012-05-15Q3 2012 MARSHALL EDW-0.13-0.150.610.650.670.610.693.08%-8.96%-6.15%31.70K
2012-02-09BMOQ2 2012 Marshall Edw1.031.091.0611.07-2.75%-2.83%-5.50%138.90K
2011-11-14Q1 2012 Marshall Edw1.261.261.311.251.313.97%-3.82%21.50K
2011-09-29Q4 2011 Marshall Edw1.481.481.421.351.52-4.05%4.23%30.30K
2011-05-16Q3 2011 MARSHALL EDW1.361.421.451.31.452.11%-6.21%-4.23%27.00K
2011-02-11Q2 2011 MARSHALL EDW2.392.442.442.372.56-2.05%-2.05%29.40K
2010-11-10Q1 2011 MARSHALL EDW1.031.031.0511.11.94%-1.90%6.00K
2010-08-30BMOQ4 2010 MARSHALL EDW0.
2010-05-14Q3 2010 MARSHALL EDW4.844.914.844.844.84-1.43%-1.43%400
2010-02-12BMOQ2 2010 MARSHALL EDW0.580.570.550.550.58-3.51%5.45%1.75%2.30K
2009-11-12Q1 2010 MARSHALL EDW0.680.670.690.670.72.99%-1.45%1.49%5.10K
2009-09-01BMOQ4 2009 MARSHALL EDW-0.70.710.740.750.710.751.35%-5.33%-4.05%900
2009-05-05Q3 2009 MARSHALL EDW-0.30.490.50.470.450.54-6.00%4.26%-2.00%2.80K
2009-02-10Q2 2009 MARSHALL EDW-0.20.560.510.550.50.597.84%1.82%9.80%4.40K
2008-09-29FY 2008 MARSHALL EDW2.151.711.751.62.552.34%22.86%25.73%4.30K
2008-02-08Q2 2008 MARSHALL EDW-0.6-
2007-08-23Full Year 2007 MARSH2.862.872.892.82.90.70%▲-1.04%-0.35%100
2007-02-07Q2 2007 MARSHALL EDW-
2006-11-08Q1 2007 MARSHALL EDW-0.3-
2006-09-01Full Year 2006 MARSH3.072.983.052.973.072.35%0.66%3.02%1.30K

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