New Gold, Inc. (NGD) - Earnings & Price History

NGD: New Gold, Inc. - 3.35, $1.96B, 0.06 (1.82%)

Sector: Basic Materials - Industry: Gold

New Gold, Inc., a gold mining company, engages in the development and operation of mineral properties. The companys operating properties include the New Afton gold-silver-copper project located in British Columbia, Canada; the Mesquite gold mine situated in Imperial County, California, the United States; the Peak gold-copper mines in New South Wales, Australia; and the Cerro San Pedro gold-silver mine located in the state of San Luis Potosí, Mexico. It also owns 100% interests in the Rainy River gold project in Ontario, Canada; and the Blackwater gold-silver project in central British Columbia, Canada. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.Key Statistics

Past NGD reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2015-02-04AMCNew Gold Inc0.023.934.064.073.834.080.25%-3.44%-3.20%7.77M
2014-10-30BMONew Gold Inc0.020.013.814.184.133.754.17-1.20%-7.75%-8.85%5.85M
2014-07-31BMONew Gold Inc0.
2014-04-30AMCNew Gold Inc0.▲1.59%0.59%2.64M
2014-02-27AMCNew Gold Inc0.
2013-10-29BMONew Gold Inc0.
2013-07-31BMONew Gold Inc0.050.017.317.37.317.117.520.14%0.14%4.71M
2013-05-01AMCNew Gold Inc0.090.037.517.737.657.357.69-1.03%▲-1.83%-2.85%3.38M
2013-02-28AMCNew Gold Inc0.
2012-11-01AMCNew Gold Inc0.120.0910.7811.8311.6210.5711.65-1.78%-7.23%-8.88%4.71M
2012-08-01AMCNew Gold Inc0.
2012-05-02AMCNew Gold Inc0.▲-5.56%-6.49%3.38M
2012-03-02BMONew Gold Inc0.10.0910.9211.4511.4510.811.49-4.63%-4.63%3.94M
2011-11-04BMONew Gold Inc0.1112.2112.6212.5211.9612.58-0.79%-2.48%-3.25%3.19M
2011-08-04BMONew Gold Inc0.120.0910.5511.1311.210.411.450.63%-5.80%-5.21%6.47M
2011-05-04New Gold Inc0.129.519.999.649.3810.03-3.50%▲-1.35%-4.80%6.50M
2011-03-04BMONew Gold Inc0.120.1510.7210.2610.310.310.970.39%4.08%4.48%5.73M
2010-11-05New Gold Inc0.
2010-08-06New Gold Inc0.055.575.545.65.465.661.08%-0.54%0.54%1.27M
2010-05-06New Gold Inc0.045.675.675.675.45.765.90M
2010-03-05New Gold Inc0.064.674.784.784.654.86-2.30%-2.30%1.41M
2009-11-06New Gold Inc0.
2009-08-06BMONew Gold Inc0.013.313.
2009-05-13BMONew Gold Inc0.▲0.45%0.91%2.84M

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