NGL Energy Partners LP (NGL) - Earnings & Price History

NGL: NGL Energy Partners LP - 11.15, $1.41B, -0.50 (-4.29%)

Sector: Basic Materials - Industry: Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing

NGL Energy Partners LP, through its subsidiaries, engages in the crude oil logistics, water solutions, liquids, retail propane, and refined products and renewables businesses in the United States. The Crude Oil Logistics segment purchases crude oil from producers and transports it for resale at pipeline injection points, storage terminals, barge loading facilities, rail facilities, refineries, and other trade hubs. The Water Solutions segment is involved in the treatment and disposal of wastewater generated from crude oil and natural gas production operations; disposal of solids, such as tank bottoms, drilling fluids, and performs truck washouts; and sale of recycled water and recovered hydrocarbons. The Liquids segment supplies natural gas liquids to retailers, wholesalers, refiners, and petrochemical plants in the United States and Canada. This segment also provides natural gas liquids

Past NGL reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2014-11-11BMONgl Energy Part0.03-0.3430.6532.3931.4130.5532.18-3.03%-2.42%-5.37%613.20K
2014-08-08Ngl Energy Part-0.6141.8440.8141.1441.1442.110.81%1.70%2.52%170.50K
2014-05-30BMONgl Energy Part0.550.544039.4439.3738.9440.35-0.18%1.60%1.42%364.20K
2014-02-11BMONgl Energy Part0.520.2735.336.3936.7534.3736.80.99%▲-3.95%-3.00%605.80K
2013-11-13Ngl Energy Part0.05-0.0531.9531.7931.9231.2332.080.41%0.09%0.50%204.90K
2013-08-21Ngl Energy Part-0.15-0.3529.6129.4529.3129.3129.7-0.48%1.02%0.54%110.70K
2012-11-15Ngl Energy Part0.090.1823.523.3223.2323.1623.8-0.39%1.16%0.77%55.30K
2012-08-15BMOQ1 2013 NGL Energy P-0.41-0.6226.526.4926.1326.1326.6-1.36%1.42%0.04%23.00K
2012-06-15Q4 2012 NGL Energy P0.660.7322.4922.522.5822.2322.860.36%-0.40%-0.04%14.50K
2012-06-06Ngl Energy Part0.660.4722.5822.4622.7822.522.861.42%-0.88%0.53%6.30K
2012-02-15Ngl Energy Part0.570.2422.7322.2122.3322.1822.950.54%▲1.79%2.34%7.30K
2012-02-14Q3 2012 NGL Energy P0.570.2422.2123.1523.2522.0923.250.43%▲-4.47%-4.06%33.10K
2011-11-15Ngl Energy Part0.05-0.3621.5221.521.3621.1821.57-0.65%0.75%0.09%17.90K
2011-11-14AMCQ2 2012 NGL Energy P0.05-0.3621.521.6521.5321.4121.63-0.55%-0.14%-0.69%7.70K
2011-08-15AMCQ1 2012 NGL Energy P-0.26-0.5319.6119.5519.5519.1119.910.31%0.31%82.40K
2011-06-29AMCQ4 2011 NGL Energy P19.9420.4920.2519.6820.49-1.17%-1.53%-2.68%41.50K

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