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NK: - 4.25, $370.98M, -0.37 (-8.01%)

Sector: Healthcare - Industry: Biotechnology

NantKwest, Inc., a biotechnology company, engages in developing immunotherapeutic agents for various clinical conditions in the United States. The companys product candidates include activated natural killer candidates for the treatment of virally-induced cancers, such as human papilloma virus induced cervical, and head and neck cancers; ebola; and serious viral, fungal, and bacterial infections, as well as that is in Phase II clinical trials for the treatment of polyoma virus induced merkel cell carcinoma. It is also developing high-affinity natural killer product candidates primarily for the treatment of solid tumors, breast cancer, multiple myeloma, lymphoma, and colorectal cancer; and target activated natural killer product candidates for the treatment of breast cancer, non-hodgkin lymphoma, and myelodysplastic syndrome. The company has a co-development agreement with Altor BioScienc

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Sunday Jun 16, 2019   EST
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