North American Energy Partners Inc. (NOA) - Earnings & Price History

NOA: North American Energy Partners Inc. - 4.275, $111.45M, 0.18 (4.27%)

Sector: Basic Materials - Industry: Oil & Gas Equipment & Services

North American Energy Partners Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides a range of mining and heavy construction services to customers in the resource development and industrial construction sectors primarily in Western Canada. The company offers construction and operations support services through various stages of an oil sands project's lifecycle. Its services include site clearing and access road construction; site development and underground utility installation; construction and relocation of mine site infrastructure; stripping, muskeg removal, and overburden removal; heavy equipment and labor supply; material hauling; and mine reclamation, tailings pond construction, and tailings pond maintenance. The company also provides site development services for plants and refineries, including in situ oil sands facilities; and heavy and light civil construction for various resource infrastr

Past NOA reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2014-11-04AMCNorth Amer Egy0.040.124.864.8554.715.083.09%-2.80%0.21%111.00K
2014-08-06North Amer Egy0.02-0.076.586.736.66.426.7-1.93%▲-0.30%-2.23%83.50K
2014-05-06AMCNorth Amer Egy0.0208.417.998.018.018.450.25%4.99%5.26%319.30K
2014-02-19AMCNorth Amer Egy-
2013-11-05AMCNorth Amer Egy-0.04-0.065.855.855.815.815.85-0.68%0.69%7.30K
2013-08-01AMCNorth Amer Egy-0.06-▲3.07%-0.98%122.20K
2013-06-11BMONorth Amer Egy0.07-0.244.974.224.514.345.326.87%▲10.20%17.77%740.80K
2013-02-05AMCNorth Amer Egy0.
2012-10-31AMCNorth Amer Egy0.
2012-08-08AMCNorth Amer Egy-▲3.77%4.84%168.00K
2012-06-06AMCNorth Amer Egy-0.12-0.442.792.82.82.763-0.36%-0.36%196.80K
2012-02-02AMCNorth Amer Egy0.18-0.055.586.175.825.525.97-5.67%-4.12%-9.56%224.70K
2011-11-02AMCNorth Amer Egy-
2011-08-03AMCNorth Amer Egy-
2011-06-02AMCNorth Amer Egy0.190.298.328.467.827.768.5-7.57%▲6.39%-1.65%654.00K
2011-02-01AMCNorth Amer Egy0.2811.4812.0911.811.3511.94-2.40%-2.71%-5.05%604.10K
2010-11-03BMONorth Amer Egy0.198.618.778.538.528.73-2.74%0.94%-1.82%616.40K
2010-08-04AMCNorth Amer Egy0.069.529.749.359.289.6-4.00%▲1.82%-2.26%312.00K
2010-06-10BMONorth Amer Egy0.▲4.92%7.87%456.40K
2010-02-01AMCNorth Amer Egy0.168.467.077.427.429.454.95%14.02%19.66%1.43M
2009-11-03AMCNorth Amer Egy0.045.755.625.85.476.023.20%-0.86%2.31%523.00K
2009-08-04AMCNorth Amer Egy0.155.865.675.615.535.89-1.06%▲4.46%3.35%144.60K
2009-06-10North Amer Egy0.167.267.447.356.757.48-1.21%▲-1.22%-2.42%334.20K

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