Nokia Corporation (NOK) - Earnings & Price History

NOK: Nokia Corporation - 4.95, $27.89B, 0.06 (1.23%)

Sector: Technology - Industry: Communication Equipment

Nokia Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, provides network infrastructure and related services worldwide. It operates in five business groups: Mobile Networks, Fixed Networks, IP/Optical Networks, Applications & Analytics, and Nokia Technologies. It offers mobile networking solutions, such as hardware, software, and services for telecommunications operators, enterprises, and related markets/verticals; macro radio access network solutions; subscriber data management and IP multimedia subsystem solutions; small cell access, and back haul and front haul solutions; and network planning and optimization, network implementation, systems integration, managed, and care services. The company also provides fixed networking solutions, including copper based solutions, such as very high rate digital subscriber line and vectoring technologies; digital home devices; copper and fiber broadband

Past NOK reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2015-01-29Nokia Cp-adr A0.
2014-10-23BMONokia Cp-adr A0.
2014-07-24BMONokia Cp-adr A0.070.088.327.688.288.138.357.81%0.48%8.33%63.89M
2014-04-29BMONokia Cp-adr A0.040.067.437.037.367.177.484.69%▲0.95%5.69%66.34M
2014-01-23BMONokia Cp-adr A0.
2013-10-29BMONokia Cp-adr A0.017.456.757.287.257.497.85%2.34%10.37%89.14M
2013-07-18BMONokia Cp-adr A-0.0304.034.043.893.884.07-3.71%3.60%-0.25%65.18M
2013-04-18BMONokia Cp-adr A-0.06-▲-1.55%-11.45%135.88M
2013-01-24BMONokia Cp-adr A0.
2012-10-18BMONokia Cp-adr A-0.12-
2012-07-19BMONokia Cp-adr A-0.11.851.731.951.771.9612.72%-5.13%6.94%105.82M
2012-04-19BMONokia Cp-adr A-0.08-0.113.823.973.833.793.93-3.53%▲-0.26%-3.78%60.92M
2012-01-26BMONokia Cp-adr A0.
2011-10-20BMONokia Cp-adr A-
2011-07-21BMONokia Cp-adr A0.
2011-04-21BMONokia Cp-adr A0.140.178.638.598.818.468.822.56%▲-2.04%0.47%43.92M
2011-01-27Nokia Cp-adr A0.250.310.5710.5610.6310.5510.90.66%-0.56%0.09%35.03M
2010-10-21BMONokia Cp-adr A0.1311.2810.8311.3611.0811.624.89%-0.70%4.16%92.11M
2010-07-22BMONokia Cp-adr A0.149.178.829.
2010-04-22BMONokia Cp-adr A0.212.9914.9512.7212.6213.16-14.92%▲2.12%-13.11%161.57M
2010-01-28BMONokia Cp-adr A0.2913.9812.9214.2613.6714.3110.37%-1.96%8.20%101.22M
2009-10-15BMONokia Cp-adr A0.1813.6815.3913.8313.5613.95-10.14%-1.08%-11.11%90.39M
2009-07-16BMONokia Cp-adr A0.1713.4615.6813.713.2613.81-12.63%-1.75%-14.16%98.73M

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