ORBCOMM, Inc. (ORBC) - Earnings & Price History

ORBC: ORBCOMM, Inc. - 11.31, $841.55M, 0.00 (0.00%)

Sector: Technology - Industry: Diversified Communication Services

ORBCOMM Inc. provides machine-to-machine and Internet of things solutions in the United States, South America, Japan, Europe, and internationally. It offers solutions, including network connectivity, device management, and Web reporting applications that enable businesses and government agencies to track, monitor, and control and communicate with fixed and mobile assets. The company also provides satellite automatic identification service (AIS) data services for vessel navigation and to enhance maritime safety using various network platforms, including its own constellation of 41 low-Earth orbit satellites, and accompanying ground infrastructure to government and commercial customers. In addition, it offers satellite based customer solutions through service agreement with various mobile satellite providers, as well as terrestrial-based cellular network services through reseller agreement

Past ORBC reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2014-11-10BMOOrbcomm Inc0.0306.075.85.825.696.080.34%4.30%4.66%1.28M
2014-08-07BMOOrbcomm Inc0.025.856.056.055.826.24-3.31%-3.31%189.00K
2014-05-08BMOOrbcomm Inc0.015.9365.945.76.1-1.00%▲-0.17%-1.17%266.40K
2014-03-13BMOOrbcomm Inc0.040.027.787.87.777.647.91-0.38%0.13%-0.26%196.70K
2013-11-07BMOOrbcomm Inc0.
2013-08-08BMOOrbcomm Inc0.010.034.974.934.984.934.981.01%-0.20%0.81%94.10K
2012-08-09BMOQ2 2012 ORBCOMM INC
2012-05-10BMOQ1 2012 ORBCOMM INC▲7.77%8.12%163.00K
2012-03-15BMOQ4 2011 ORBCOMM Inc 0.023.693.743.13.053.71-17.11%19.03%-1.34%111.50K
2011-11-09Q3 2011 ORBCOMM Inc 0.022.972.852.912.842.992.11%2.06%4.21%720.20K
2011-08-09BMOQ2 2011 ORBCOMM Inc -
2011-05-10Q1 2011 ORBCOMM Inc -0.012.932.882.882.872.941.74%1.74%39.70K
2011-03-16Q4 2010 ORBCOMM INC -
2010-11-09BMOQ3 2010 ORBCOMM INC 0.142.462.542.452.22.52-3.54%0.41%-3.15%105.20K
2010-08-09BMOQ2 2010 ORBCOMM INC -0.01-
2010-05-10BMOQ1 2010 ORBCOMM INC -0.01-0.022.342.▲3.54%4.93%79.90K
2010-03-15BMOQ4 2009 ORBCOMM INC -
2009-11-09BMOQ3 2009 ORBCOMM INC -0.02-
2009-08-10BMOQ2 2009 ORBCOMM INC -
2009-05-11BMOQ1 2009 ORBCOMM INC -0.02-0.051.871.751.851.752.135.71%▲1.08%6.86%613.90K
2009-03-16Q4 2008 ORBCOMM INC -0.01-0.051.381.
2008-11-10Q3 2008 ORBCOMM INC -0.03-
2008-08-11Q2 2008 ORBCOMM INC -0.03-
2008-05-08BMOQ1 2008 ORBCOMM INC -0.04-0.015.535.465.485.465.60.37%▲0.91%1.28%89.30K
2008-03-11BMOQ4 2007 ORBCOMM INC -
2007-11-13Q3 2007 ORBCOMM INC -0.03-0.016.526.386.46.47.340.31%1.87%2.19%720.20K
2007-08-14BMOQ2 2007 ORBCOMM INC -0.07-0.037.8611.1897.239-19.50%-12.67%-29.70%3.75M
2007-05-14Q1 2007 ORBCOMM INC -0.14-0.0812.4212.6112.5812.3312.63-0.24%▲-1.27%-1.51%139.30K
2006-11-21BMOQ3 2006 ORBCOMM INC -0.717.938.498.577.858.60.94%-7.47%-6.60%223.20K

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