Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PBA) - Earnings & Price History

PBA: Pembina Pipeline Corporation - 33.68, $13.50B, 0.61 (1.84%)

Sector: Basic Materials - Industry: Oil & Gas Pipelines

Pembina Pipeline Corporation provides transportation and midstream services for the energy industry in North America. It operates through four segments: Conventional Pipelines, Oil Sands & Heavy Oil, Gas Services, and Midstream. The Conventional Pipelines segment operates 9,100 kilometers of pipeline network that transports hydrocarbon products and extends across Alberta and parts of British Columbia. It also transports ethane from gas plants in North Dakota and Saskatchewan to Empress, Alberta. The Oil Sands & Heavy Oil segment transports synthetic crude oil for the Syncrude Project and the Horizon Project to delivery points near Edmonton, Alberta; owns and operates the Nipisi and Mitsue pipelines, which provide transportation for producers operating in the Pelican Lake and Peace River heavy oil regions of Alberta; and the Cheecham Lateral, which transports synthetic crude to oil sands

Past PBA reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2014-11-04AMCPembina Pipeln0.250.1839.1640.2339.7138.9239.84-1.29%-1.39%-2.66%472.80K
2014-08-08AMCPembina Pipeln0.280.242.8441.5641.5541.5442.87-0.02%3.10%3.08%255.20K
2014-05-08AMCPembina Pipeln0.320.3840.4639.2539.439.440.480.38%2.69%3.08%192.00K
2014-02-26AMCPembina Pipeln0.310.4636.1435.7835.7935.7836.650.03%▲0.98%1.01%153.40K
2013-11-01AMCPembina Pipeln0.2133.2632.733.0532.9333.511.07%0.64%1.71%183.30K
2013-08-09AMCPembina Pipeln0.240.2931.9330.6931.2431.2332.021.79%2.21%4.04%336.60K
2013-05-09AMCPembina Pipeln0.2833.9732.9132.632.634.26-0.94%4.20%3.22%245.10K
2013-03-01AMCPembina Pipeln0.270.3929.0428.2128.3628.3529.150.53%2.40%2.94%245.80K
2012-11-06AMCPembina Pipeln0.380.2327.7328.3128.3227.628.320.04%-2.08%-2.05%369.40K
2012-08-15Pembina Pipeln0.250.2827.4927.4727.527.2527.580.11%-0.04%0.07%131.30K
2012-05-03Pembina Pipeln0.2930.830.1530.1830.1830.90.10%2.05%2.16%350.20K

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