Petr (PBR) - Earnings & Price History

PBR: Petr - 10.805, $70.70B, 0.16 (1.46%)

Sector: N/A - Industry: N/A

PetrĂ³leo Brasileiro S.A. Petrobras operates as an integrated energy company in Brazil and internationally. Its Exploration and Production segment engages in the exploration, development, and production of crude oil, natural gas liquids, and natural gas; and sale of crude oil and oil products produced at natural gas processing plants in domestic and foreign markets. The companys Refining, Transportation and Marketing segment is involved in the refining, logistics, transport, and trading of crude oil and oil products, as well as exports ethanol and invests in petrochemical companies. This segment also engages in the extraction and processing of shale. The companys Gas and Power segment engages in the transportation and trade of natural gas and liquid natural gas; generation and trade of electricity; holding interests in natural gas transportation and distribution, and thermoelectric powe

Past PBR reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2015-01-02Petrobras-adr C0.296.076.766.336.056.35-6.36%-4.11%-10.21%55.97M
2014-08-08Petrobras-adr C0.490.3616.4615.9416.0715.9416.480.82%2.43%3.26%17.46M
2014-05-09Petrobras-adr C0.420.3415.3615.115.1915.1415.410.60%▲1.12%1.72%12.13M
2014-02-25Petrobras-adr C0.350.4111.0711.3311.231111.31-0.88%-1.42%-2.29%30.76M
2013-10-25Petrobras-adr C0.450.2217.3515.9116.6616.5417.454.71%4.14%9.05%46.43M
2013-08-09Petrobras-adr C0.510.4613.9614.2814.4713.914.751.33%-3.52%-2.24%23.37M
2013-05-20Petrobras-adr C0.5918.9718.9118.8218.6119.17-0.48%▲0.80%0.32%13.31M
2013-02-04Petrobras-adr C0.5816.618.0317.1716.5617.2-4.77%-3.32%-7.93%68.11M
2012-10-26AMCPetrobras-adr C0.670.4221.2122.421.6121.121.7-3.53%-1.85%-5.31%16.15M
2012-08-03BMOPetrobras-adr C0.33-0.120.3319.7120.1520.1520.722.23%0.89%3.15%19.21M
2012-02-09Petrobras-adr C0.950.4529.5731.993029.2330.02-6.22%-1.43%-7.56%35.21M
2011-11-16Petrobras-adr C0.90.626.4127.1727.1926.1527.460.07%-2.87%-2.80%16.91M
2010-10-12Petrobras-adr C1.0334.7434.5834.8834.5834.990.87%-0.40%0.46%17.24M
2010-07-16Petrobras-adr C0.9334.634.5134.634.334.890.26%0.26%9.07M
2010-04-16Petrobras-adr C0.9242.8842.2841.8141.6242.97-1.11%▲2.56%1.42%16.26M

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