U.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc. (PRTS) - Earnings & Price History

PRTS: U.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc. - 2.455, $91.95M, -0.11 (-4.10%)

Sector: Services - Industry: Specialty Retail, Other

U.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, operates as an online retailer of aftermarket auto parts and accessories primarily in the United States, Canada, and the Philippines. The company operates through two segments, Base USAP and AutoMD. It offers body parts, such as parts for the exterior of an automobile; mirror products; engine parts comprising engine and chassis components, as well as other mechanical and electrical parts; and performance parts and accessories to individual consumers through its network of Websites and online marketplaces. The company also sells and delivers auto parts to collision repair shops from its Chesapeake, Virginia warehouse facility; markets Kool-Vue products to auto parts wholesale distributors; and serves consumers by operating a retail outlet store in LaSalle, Illinois. Its flagship Websites includes autopartswarehouse.com, carpar

Past PRTS reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2014-11-03AMCUs Auto Parts-0.05-0.082.772.842.842.722.84-2.46%-2.46%107.90K
2014-08-05AMCUs Auto Parts-0.04-0.072.813.022.92.552.96-3.97%▲-3.10%-6.95%258.10K
2014-05-06AMCUs Auto Parts-0.0502.992.973.12.943.14.38%-3.55%0.67%66.80K
2014-03-06AMCUs Auto Parts-0.09-0.042.772.472.652.52.847.29%4.53%12.15%377.50K
2013-11-04AMCUs Auto Parts-0.12-
2013-08-06AMCUs Auto Parts-0.09-0.110.991.091.030.941.03-5.50%▲-3.88%-9.17%180.20K
2012-08-07AMCQ2 2012 US AUTO PART-0.01-0.053.924.313.83.713.92-11.83%▲3.16%-9.05%45.90K
2012-05-08AMCQ1 2012 US AUTO PART-0.01-0.033.773.793.733.43.8-1.58%1.07%-0.53%129.30K
2012-03-01AMCQ4 2011 US Auto Part-0.04-0.1244.954.173.954.36-15.76%-4.08%-19.19%384.30K
2011-11-08AMCQ3 2011 US Auto Part-0.04-0.173.965.14.383.664.85-14.12%-9.59%-22.35%486.80K
2011-08-09AMCQ2 2011 US Auto Part-0.02-0.086.0375.785.786.82-17.43%▲4.33%-13.86%289.30K
2011-05-02AMCQ1 2011 U.S. Auto Pa-0.017.418.157.97.48-3.07%-6.20%-9.08%157.60K
2011-02-28AMCQ4 2010 U.S. Auto Pa-0.01-
2010-11-08AMCQ3 2010 U.S. Auto Pa0.02-0.438.638.
2010-08-02AMCQ2 2010 U.S. Auto Pa0.040.017.877.▲10.07%11.32%188.90K
2010-04-28AMCQ1 2010 U.S. Auto Pa0.
2010-02-25BMOQ4 2009 U.S. Auto Pa0.010.025.845.95.845.735.88-1.02%-1.02%11.40K
2009-10-29AMCQ3 2009 U.S. Auto Pa0.035.355.45.785.095.817.04%-7.44%-0.93%91.70K
2009-08-06BMOQ2 2009 U.S. Auto Pa-▲18.06%25.63%111.10K
2009-05-06AMCQ1 2009 U.S. Auto Pa-0.01-
2009-03-11AMCQ4 2008 U.S. Auto Pa-0.05-0.121.581.61.491.451.58-6.88%6.04%-1.25%3.90K
2008-10-30AMCQ3 2008 US AUTO PART0.01-
2008-08-05AMCQ2 2008 US AUTO PART-0.02-▲-2.26%-20.25%264.50K
2008-05-08AMCQ1 2008 US AUTO PART-0.02-0.033.443.
2008-03-06AMCQ4 2007 US AUTO PART0.02-0.182.944.654.492.854.49-3.44%-34.52%-36.77%424.70K
2007-11-08AMCQ3 2007 US AUTO PART0.
2007-08-02AMCQ2 2007 US AUTO PART0.020.038.858.7998.629.012.39%▲-1.67%0.68%209.30K
2007-03-19AMCQ4 2007 US AUTO PART11.0710.8210.6210.611.38-1.85%4.24%2.31%182.70K

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