Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (REGI) - Earnings & Price History

REGI: Renewable Energy Group, Inc. - 11.85, $468.14M, -0.25 (-2.07%)

Sector: Basic Materials - Industry: Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing

Renewable Energy Group, Inc. produces and sells biofuels and renewable chemicals in the United States. It operates through Biomass-Based Diesel, Services, Renewable Chemicals, and Corporate and Other segments. The Biomass-Based Diesel segment acquires feedstock; manages, constructs, and operates biomass-based diesel production facilities; and markets, sells, and distributes biomass-based diesel and its co-products. This segment produces biomass-based diesel from a range of feedstocks, including inedible corn oil, used cooking oil, soybean oil, canola oil, and inedible animal fat. It is also involved in purchase and resale of biomass-based diesel, petroleum-based diesel, renewable identification numbers, and raw material feedstocks acquired from third parties; and sale of glycerin, free fatty acids, naphtha, and other co-products of the biomass-based diesel production process. The Service

Past REGI reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2014-11-04AMCRenewable Energ-0.220.0910.019.849.89.4910.06-0.41%2.14%1.73%1.02M
2014-08-04AMCRenewable Energ0.2611.511.711.6911.1511.69-0.09%▲-1.63%-1.71%755.60K
2014-05-06AMCRenewable Energ-0.05-0.0610.411.251110.1611.15-2.22%-5.45%-7.56%1.12M
2014-02-27AMCRenewable Energ0.710.811.6711.8912.8511.5312.898.07%-9.18%-1.85%2.01M
2013-11-05AMCRenewable Energ0.621.191311.7713.911213.9118.18%-6.54%10.45%2.99M
2013-07-30AMCRenewable Energ0.660.6215.5913.9814.4513.6715.753.36%7.89%11.52%1.60M
2012-08-14AMCRenewable Energ0.240.395.984.▲13.04%27.23%742.90K
2012-05-09AMCRenewable Energ0.
2012-02-22AMCRenewable Energ3.959.779.

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