SAP AG (SAP) - Earnings & Price History

SAP: SAP AG - 116.278, $139.12B, 2.08 (1.82%)

Sector: Technology - Industry: Application Software

SAP SE provides application and analytics software and software-related services for enterprises worldwide. The company offers solutions for various businesses, including asset management, commerce, finance, human resources, manufacturing, marketing, sales, service, sourcing and procurement, supply chain, and sustainability, as well as research and development, and engineering. It provides enterprise application software to consumer, discrete manufacturing, energy and natural resources, financial services, public services, and services industries. In addition, the company offers SAP HANA, a platform that combines database, data processing, integration, and application platform capabilities in-memory, as well as simplifies application development and processing across Big Data sources and structures; and SAP HANA Cloud Platform, a platform as-a-service, which enables to build, extend, run

Past SAP reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2015-01-20BMOSap Ag Adr1.463.5667.1163.6562.8263.76-5.16%-0.14%-5.29%2.67M
2014-10-20BMOSap Ag Adr0.941.0765.6868.9965.7464.165.78-4.71%▲-0.09%-4.80%2.88M
2014-07-17BMOSap Ag Adr0.881.0180.6879.6481.1979.7781.471.95%-0.63%1.31%3.55M
2014-04-17BMOSap Ag Adr0.620.7779.7781.6279.387980.22-2.74%0.49%-2.27%1.59M
2014-01-21BMOSap Ag Adr1.591.6281.4182.3281.6280.1481.76-0.85%-0.26%-1.11%1.37M
2013-10-21BMOSap Ag Adr0.98176.4173.7577.3576.1477.594.88%▲-1.22%3.61%3.37M
2013-07-18BMOSap Ag Adr0.910.9373.97675.4873.1775.53-0.68%-2.09%-2.76%5.04M
2013-04-19BMOSap Ag Adr0.530.7575.1178.2175.9774.7676.65-2.86%-1.13%-3.96%4.38M
2013-01-23BMOSap Ag Adr1.261.2378.6277.5277.7877.66790.34%1.08%1.42%1.71M
2012-10-24BMOSap Ag Adr0.750.7471.2169.6972.0770.7372.473.42%▲-1.19%2.18%3.32M
2012-07-24BMOSap Ag Adr0.850.8460.8560.0761.7460.261.852.78%-1.44%1.30%2.63M
2012-04-25BMOSap Ag Adr0.670.6465.9665.1565.4565.3366.120.46%0.78%1.24%4.95M
2012-01-25BMOSap Ag Adr1.351.458.4858.0657.7657.3458.63-0.52%1.25%0.72%2.36M
2011-10-26BMOSap Ag Adr0.91.0160.6259.326159.461.22.83%▲-0.62%2.19%2.12M
2011-07-27BMOSap Ag Adr0.790.8562.5764.563.9162.563.93-0.91%-2.10%-2.99%3.56M
2011-04-28BMOSap Ag Adr0.660.6563.5768.3163.7863.264.07-6.63%-0.33%-6.94%3.47M
2011-01-26BMOSap Ag Adr1.191.1756.4655.1656.3855.9256.52.21%0.14%2.36%2.57M
2010-10-27BMOSap Ag Adr0.6751.2754.0851.3350.7451.95-5.09%▲-0.12%-5.20%4.63M
2010-07-27BMOSap Ag Adr0.5947.3248.6147.4146.9147.52-2.47%-0.19%-2.65%4.00M
2010-04-28BMOSap Ag Adr0.547.0148.5547.7946.6447.83-1.57%-1.63%-3.17%3.35M
2010-01-27BMOSap Ag Adr0.9446.2146.0545.9945.5346.25-0.13%0.48%0.35%2.97M
2009-10-28BMOSap Ag Adr0.5846.1151.1747.2245.9247.51-7.72%▲-2.35%-9.89%6.58M
2009-07-29BMOSap Ag Adr0.4944.8844.5144.9444.5245.090.97%-0.13%0.83%1.84M

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