SandRidge Energy, Inc. (SD) - Earnings & Price History

SD: SandRidge Energy, Inc. - 19.14, $662.77M, 0.37 (1.97%)

Sector: Basic Materials - Industry: Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration

SandRidge Energy, Inc., an energy company, engages in the exploration, development, and production of crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids primarily in the area of Mid-Continent in Oklahoma and Kansas. The companys Exploration and Production segment explores for, develops, and produces oil and natural gas properties; and operates wells. Its Midstream Services segment purchases, gathers, treats, and sells natural gas. As of December 31, 2015, it had 4,411 gross producing wells; approximately 2,063,000 gross total acres under lease; and estimated proved reserves were 324.6 million barrels of oil equivalent. The company is headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Key Statistics

Past SD reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2015-01-06Sandridge Enrgy0.050.071.351.411.451.341.492.84%-6.90%-4.26%14.58M
2014-08-06AMCSandridge Enrgy0.
2014-05-07AMCSandridge Enrgy0.030.076.636.736.866.476.951.93%▲-3.35%-1.49%14.32M
2014-02-27AMCSandridge Enrgy0.0106.456.336.486.366.752.37%-0.46%1.90%17.84M
2013-11-05AMCSandridge Enrgy0.
2013-08-06AMCSandridge Enrgy-
2012-08-02AMCQ2 2012 SandRidge En0.010.076.376.586.56.176.62-1.22%-2.00%-3.19%28.45M
2012-05-03AMCQ1 2012 SandRidge En0.▲1.14%2.46%29.93M
2012-02-23AMCQ4 2011 SandRidge En-
2011-11-03AMCQ3 2011 SandRidge En-
2011-08-04AMCQ2 2011 SandRidge En0.03-0.047.799.769.046.959.1-7.38%-13.83%-20.18%69.73M
2011-05-05AMCQ1 2011 SandRidge En0.02-0.0210.3610.6710.1510.1410.99-4.87%▲2.07%-2.91%27.98M
2011-02-24AMCQ4 2010 SandRidge En-0.08-0.0710.539.1810.199.8310.5411.00%3.34%14.71%43.50M
2010-11-04AMCQ3 2010 SandRidge En0.02-
2010-08-04AMCQ2 2010 SandRidge En0.
2010-05-06AMCQ1 2010 SandRidge En0.▲-6.72%-7.82%27.91M
2010-02-25AMCQ4 2009 SandRidge En0.210.147.948.47.927.667.94-5.71%0.25%-5.48%23.82M
2009-11-05AMCQ3 2009 SandRidge En0.160.1410.1610.629.849.4110.3-7.34%3.25%-4.33%14.30M
2009-08-06AMCQ2 2009 SandRidge En0.130.2510.879.6210.049.410.94.37%8.27%12.99%9.06M
2009-05-07AMCQ1 2009 SandRidge En0.080.2511.119.410.2910.1511.829.47%▲7.97%18.19%15.49M
2009-02-26AMCQ4 2008 SandRidge En0.010.066.766.587.
2008-11-06AMCQ3 2008 SandRidge En0.160.1710.299.9911.089.9311.2310.91%-7.13%3.00%3.75M
2008-08-07AMCQ2 2008 SandRidge En0.160.2137.5945.3544.336.4244.71-2.32%-15.15%-17.11%6.02M
2008-05-09Q1 2008 SandRidge En0.140.1948.2950.2349.7947.7549.79-0.88%▲-3.01%-3.86%1.16M
2008-03-03AMCQ4 2007 SandRidge En0.10.0939.623938.337.1340-1.79%▲3.45%1.59%2.56M
2007-12-03AMCQ3 2007 SandRidge En0.1131.6531.23230.5322.56%-1.09%1.44%128.20K

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