Seneca Foods Corp. (SENEA) - Earnings & Price History

SENEA: Seneca Foods Corp. - 34.65, $344.12M, -1.35 (-3.75%)

Sector: Consumer Goods - Industry: Processed & Packaged Goods

Seneca Foods Corporation engages in the packaging and sale of fruits and vegetables in the United States and internationally. It offers canned and frozen produce, bottled produce, snack chips, and other food products under the private label, as well as under various national and regional brands that the company owns or licenses, including Seneca, Libbys, Green Valley, Aunt Nellies, READ, Cherryman, and Seneca Farms. The company also packs Green Giant, Le Sueur, and other brands of canned vegetables, as well as selects Green Giant frozen vegetables for B&G Foods North America under a contract packing agreement. In addition, it is involved in the sale of cans and ends, as well as trucking and aircraft operations. The company offers its products to grocery outlets, including supermarkets, mass merchandisers, limited assortment stores, club stores, and dollar stores; and food service distrib

Past SENEA reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2012-08-03BMOQ1 2013 Seneca Foods-0.03-0.6525.0622.3523.2223.1325.473.89%7.92%12.13%17.10K
2012-06-08AMCQ4 2012 Seneca Foods0.33-0.1822.0523.2623.6322.0123.861.59%▲-6.69%-5.20%30.20K
2012-01-26AMCQ3 2012 Seneca Foods11.5228.7928.9729.0728.5729.210.35%-0.96%-0.62%28.50K
2011-10-27AMCQ2 2012 Seneca Foods-0.020.2420.8721.321.2119.5121.69-0.42%-1.60%-2.02%42.80K
2011-08-03AMCQ1 2012 Seneca Foods-0.03-0.6523.525.525.2223.4925.52-1.10%-6.82%-7.84%128.90K
2011-05-26AMCQ4 2011 Seneca Foods0.01-0.1527.3227.1826.92627.41-1.03%▲1.56%0.52%57.00K
2011-01-27AMCQ3 2010 Seneca Foods0.340.9425.1124.7524.224.225.84-2.22%3.76%1.45%41.70K
2010-10-28AMCQ2 2010 Seneca Foods0.510.2323.127.6124.0422.824.76-12.93%-3.91%-16.33%199.30K
2010-08-04AMCQ1 2011 Seneca Foods0.520.4328.8130.9630.7728.7630.77-0.61%-6.37%-6.94%70.10K
2010-05-21Seneca Foods-a0.2628.8629.6829.7628.8430.160.27%▲-3.02%-2.76%35.50K
2010-02-02Seneca Foods-a0.8126.9426.8726.824.7427.38-0.26%0.52%0.26%57.10K
2009-11-05Seneca Foods-a0.542627.062725.5227.3-0.22%-3.70%-3.92%57.70K
2009-08-06Seneca Foods-a0.5525.992727.225.4727.20.74%-4.45%-3.74%129.90K

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