SORL Auto Parts, Inc. (SORL) - Earnings & Price History

SORL: SORL Auto Parts, Inc. - 4.62, $90.92M, -0.06 (-1.28%)

Sector: Consumer Goods - Industry: Auto Manufacturers - Major

SORL Auto Parts, Inc. manufactures and distributes automotive brake systems and other safety related auto parts in China. It operates through two segments, Commercial Vehicles Brake Systems and Passenger Vehicles Brake Systems. The company offers a range of products covering 65 categories and approximately 2000 specifications in automotive brake systems. Its products are principally used in various types of commercial vehicles, such as trucks and buses. SORL Auto Parts, Inc. markets its products under the SORL brand to automotive original equipment manufacturers and the related aftermarket through authorized distributors. The company exports its products to approximately 104 countries and regions. SORL Auto Parts, Inc. was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Rui'an, the Peoples Republic of China.Key Statistics

Past SORL reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2014-11-14BMOSorl Auto Parts0.153.863.984.
2014-08-14AMCSorl Auto Parts0.170.213.833.843.893.673.911.30%▲-1.54%-0.26%103.40K
2014-05-16BMOSorl Auto Parts0.110.143.542.933.163.053.597.85%12.03%20.82%197.70K
2014-03-31BMOSorl Auto Parts0.190.053.734.294.213.694.3-1.86%-11.40%-13.05%410.60K
2013-11-14BMOSorl Auto Parts0.
2013-08-14BMOSorl Auto Parts0.213.323.463.553.313.672.60%▲-6.48%-4.05%68.40K
2012-08-14BMOQ2 2012 Sorl Auto Pa0.180.161.952.072.131.882.132.90%▲-8.45%-5.80%41.30K
2012-05-15BMOQ1 2012 Sorl Auto Pa0.
2012-03-29BMOQ4 2011 Sorl Auto Pa0.210.173.333.313.223.153.38-2.72%3.42%0.60%70.10K
2011-11-14BMOQ3 2011 Sorl Auto Pa0.
2011-08-15BMOQ2 2011 SORL Auto Pa0.310.▲-3.31%-6.17%130.70K
2011-05-16BMOQ1 2011 SORL Auto Pa0.240.255.775.866.095.726.243.92%-5.25%-1.54%660.20K
2011-03-29BMOQ4 2010 SORL AUTO PT0.230.316.766.486.786.416.924.63%-0.29%4.32%239.90K
2010-11-15BMOQ3 2010 SORL AUTO PT0.210.269.359.589.979.19.984.07%-6.22%-2.40%203.60K
2010-08-12BMOQ2 2010 SORL AUTO PT0.230.288.388.658.88.318.81.73%▲-4.77%-3.12%89.70K
2010-05-14BMOQ1 2010 SORL AUTO PT0.150.179.5910.119.769.4110.07-3.46%-1.74%-5.14%273.10K
2010-03-29BMOQ4 2009 SORL AUTO PT0.190.289.979.6510.659.8110.6510.36%-6.38%3.32%1.11M
2009-11-13BMOQ3 2009 SORL AUTO PT0.
2009-08-13BMOQ2 2009 SORL AUTO PT0.▲5.80%9.30%124.60K
2009-05-13BMOQ1 2009 SORL AUTO PT0.053.153.913.552.83.55-9.21%-11.27%-19.44%138.90K
2009-03-30AMCQ4 2008 SORL AUTO PT0.11.81.791.741.731.88-2.79%3.45%0.56%44.10K
2008-11-11BMOQ3 2008 SORL AUTO PT0.120.132.852.852.912.772.912.11%-2.06%15.00K

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