Spire Corp. (SPIR) - Earnings & Price History

SPIR: Spire Corp. - 0.0051, $0.00M, -0.00 (-27.14%)

Sector: Technology - Industry: Semiconductor - Broad Line

Spire Corporation is engaged in developing, manufacturing, and marketing engineered products and services in the areas of photovoltaic solar and biomedical. The company offers specialized equipment for the production of terrestrial photovoltaic modules from solar cells; and photovoltaic systems for grid connected application in the commercial markets. Its products comprise Spi-Sun simulator, which tests module performance; and turn-key cell and module lines, and other individual equipment. The company also provides training and assistance with module certification, and solar factory management services. In addition, it offers surface treatments to the manufacturers of orthopedic and other medical devices; and performs sponsored research programs into practical applications of biomedical technologies. The company offers its products directly, as well as through distributors and sales repr

Past SPIR reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2012-08-10BMOQ2 2012 Spire Corpor0.550.650.580.550.64-10.77%-5.17%-15.38%22.10K
2012-05-10AMCQ1 2012 Spire Corpor1.030.910.960.961.035.49%▲7.29%13.19%28.00K
2012-03-15AMCQ4 2011 Spire Corp E1.▲0.85%29.00K
2011-11-11AMCSpire Corp-
2011-11-10AMCQ3 2011 Spire Corp E1.21.321.321.21.32-9.09%-9.09%9.90K
2011-08-04Spire Corp0.081.711.611.511.471.86-6.21%13.25%6.21%46.60K
2011-08-03AMCQ2 2011 Spire Corp E1.611.821.841.611.941.10%-12.50%-11.54%49.40K
2011-05-11AMCSpire Corp-▲1.67%2.66%26.60K
2011-05-10AMCQ1 2011 Spire Corp E4.144.334.334.034.35-4.39%-4.39%25.00K
2011-03-16Spire Corp-0.024.514.684.644.424.77-0.85%▲-2.80%-3.63%17.50K
2011-03-15AMCQ4 2010 Spire Earnin4.685.045.054.365.050.20%▲-7.33%-7.14%31.80K
2010-11-10Q3 2010 Spire Earnin6.155.875.835.756.16-0.68%5.49%4.77%51.80K
2010-08-11AMCQ2 2010 Spire Earnin4.
2010-05-14Q1 2010 Spire Earnin3.533.573.563.53.62-0.28%▲-0.84%-1.12%10.20K
2010-05-13Spire Corp-0.143.573.873.883.553.880.26%▲-7.99%-7.75%37.30K
2010-04-06Spire Corp-
2010-03-31AMCQ4 2009 Spire Earnin-0.20.694.213.934.844.014.8423.16%▲-13.02%7.12%262.50K
2009-11-16AMCQ3 2009 Spire Earnin-0.18-
2009-08-14AMCQ2 2009 Spire Earnin-0.02-0.524.865.355.364.855.360.19%-9.33%-9.16%38.40K
2009-05-15AMCQ1 2009 Spire Earnin-0.04-0.376.117.016.455.446.77-7.99%▲-5.27%-12.84%191.70K
2009-03-31Q4 2008 Spire Earnin0.120.615.044.734.814.85.491.69%▲4.78%6.55%198.30K
2008-11-24AMCQ3 2008 Spire Earnin-
2008-08-13Q2 2008 Spire Earnin-0.01-0.0310.1710.2610.39.810.60.39%-1.26%-0.88%99.50K
2008-05-13Q1 2008 Spire Earnin-0.1-0.0615.71415.0314.2318.387.36%▲4.46%12.14%458.60K
2008-03-31Q4 2007 Spire Earnin-0.116.3615.3616.0715.516.754.62%▲1.80%6.51%178.10K
2007-11-19AMCQ3 2007 Spire Earnin0.3317.3616.2716.9716.9218.064.30%2.30%6.70%79.00K
2007-08-14AMCQ2 2007 Spire Earnin-0.239.7510.3109.710.24-2.91%-2.50%-5.34%30.80K
2007-05-15AMCQ1 2007 Spire Earnin-0.219.389.499.259.29.48-2.53%▲1.41%-1.16%22.90K
2007-03-30AMCQ4 2006 Spire Earnin-0.2610.5611.0510.5310.511.11-4.71%▲0.28%-4.43%77.00K
2006-11-14AMCQ3 2006 Spire Earnin-
2006-08-14AMCQ2 2006 Spire Earnin-
2006-05-15AMCQ1 2006 Spire Earnin-0.287.768.228.147.518.14-0.97%▲-4.67%-5.60%89.50K
2006-03-21AMCQ4 2005 Spire Earnin-▲-1.26%-1.83%18.00K
2005-11-14AMCQ3 2005 Spire Earnin-0.27.558.27.847.27.99-4.39%-3.70%-7.93%260.00K
2005-08-15AMCQ2 2005 Spire Earnin0.6710.818.0511.2910.6112.340.25%-4.25%34.29%8.90M
2005-05-16AMCQ1 2005 Spire Earnin-0.234.334.414.234.194.33-4.08%▲2.36%-1.81%5.30K
2005-03-31Q4 2004 Spire Earnin4.694.▲1.96%-4.29%22.60K
2004-11-12Q3 2004 Spire Earnin4.494.94.424.14.8-9.80%1.58%-8.37%32.30K
2004-08-13Q2 2004 Spire Earnin4.254.354.454.254.452.30%-4.49%-2.30%5.30K
2004-05-14AMCQ1 2004 Spire Earnin5.825.65.725.725.822.14%▲1.75%3.93%400
2003-12-31Q3 2003 Spire Earnin4.654.774.554.554.95-4.61%2.20%-2.52%5.80K
2003-08-19AMCQ2 2003 Spire Earnin5.395.685.654.325.85-0.53%-4.60%-5.11%65.80K
2003-05-15Q1 2003 Spire Earnin2.722.742.72.612.74-1.46%▲0.74%-0.73%6.50K
2003-04-07Q4 2002 Spire Earnin2.552.72.542.42.55-5.93%▲0.39%-5.56%4.80K
1999-11-15AMCSpire Earnings Relea3.754.54.373.54.5-2.89%-14.19%-16.67%11.60K

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