Tucows Inc. (TCX) - Earnings & Price History

TCX: Tucows Inc. - 58.175, $614.71M, -0.28 (-0.47%)

Sector: Technology - Industry: Internet Information Providers

Tucows Inc. provides network access, domain names, and other Internet services in the United States, Canada, and Germany. It operates through three segments: Domain Services, Network AccessMobile Services, and Network AccessOther Services. Its domain services include OpenSRS wholesale domain service that offers services related to the registration, renewal, transfer, and management of domain names; OpenSRS value-added services, such as hosted email service, which provides email delivery and Webmail access to various mailboxes; Internet security services; publishing tools; and reseller billing services. The companys domain services also comprise Platypus billing software, which provides billing, provisioning, and customer care software solutions to Internet service providers; Internet domain name registration and email services to individuals and small businesses through Hover Website; an

Past TCX reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2014-11-12AMCTucows Inc0.2316.3515.6216.416.1516.44.99%▲-0.30%4.67%93.60K
2014-08-12AMCTucows Inc0.1316.316.2216.3115.9916.590.55%-0.06%0.49%29.60K
2014-05-14AMCTucows Inc0.130.1114.2314.5914.2813.9914.32-2.12%-0.35%-2.47%34.30K
2014-02-12AMCTucows Inc0.160.0813.9314.611413.5214.74-4.18%-0.50%-4.65%119.20K
2013-11-13AMCTucows Inc0.030.062.852.62.862.83.0510.00%▲-0.35%9.62%133.10K
2013-08-08AMCTucows Inc0.
2013-05-15AMCTucows Inc0.0101.
2013-02-13AMCTucows Inc0.030.011.772.0221.752.1-0.99%-11.50%-12.38%137.80K
2012-11-13AMCTucows Inc0.020.031.391.121.351.351.4120.54%▲2.96%24.11%229.20K
2012-08-13AMCTucows Inc0.
2012-05-08AMCTucows Inc0.020.031.451.41.431.261.472.14%1.40%3.57%84.90K
2012-02-15AMCTucows Inc0.010.050.880.760.80.790.895.26%10.00%15.79%208.70K
2011-11-09AMCTucows Inc0.01-0.020.760.750.770.750.772.67%▲-1.30%1.33%3.60K
2011-08-10AMCTucows Inc0.010.740.740.740.740.7611.00K
2011-05-11AMCTucows Inc0.020.010.820.830.830.810.83-1.20%-1.20%3.00K
2011-02-16Tucows Inc0.010.020.820.850.850.790.85-3.53%-3.53%109.90K
2010-11-10Tucows Inc0.690.710.710.690.72-2.82%-2.82%7.30K
2010-08-11Tucows Inc0.010.650.630.610.60.66-3.17%6.56%3.17%41.00K
2010-05-12Tucows Inc0.010.710.750.730.680.74-2.67%-2.74%-5.33%34.50K
2010-02-16Tucows Inc0.010.770.670.720.70.777.46%6.94%14.93%136.80K
2009-11-11Tucows Inc0.610.60.610.60.641.67%▲1.67%90.40K
2009-08-13Tucows Inc0.540.540.540.510.5451.50K
2009-05-13Tucows Inc0.010.380.40.40.380.4-5.00%-5.00%8.70K

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