Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited (TEVA) - Earnings & Price History

TEVA: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited - 14.015, $13.64B, 0.22 (1.56%)

Sector: Healthcare - Industry: Drug Manufacturers - Other

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes generic medicines and a portfolio of specialty medicines worldwide. The companys Generic Medicines segment offers generic medicines, such as sterile products, hormones, narcotics, high-potency drugs, and cytotoxic substances in various dosage forms, including tablets, capsules, injectables, inhalants, liquids, ointments, and creams. This segment also develops, manufactures, and sells active pharmaceutical ingredients. The companys Specialty Medicines segment provides branded specialty medicines for use in central nervous system and respiratory indications, as well as the womens health, oncology, and other specialty businesses. Its products in the central nervous system area comprise Copaxone for multiple sclerosis; Azilect for the treatment of Parkinsons disease; Nuvigil for the treatment of excessive

Past TEVA reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2015-02-05BMOTeva Pharm Adr1.31.3157.5456.4757.1456.6158.191.19%▲0.70%1.89%7.46M
2014-10-30BMOTeva Pharm Adr1.231.3256.4754.4953.9253.8956.7-1.05%4.73%3.63%8.36M
2014-07-31BMOTeva Pharm Adr1.221.2353.554.8854.5853.0454.58-0.55%-1.98%-2.51%8.04M
2014-05-01BMOTeva Pharm Adr1.231.2250.9748.8649.4649.3151.221.23%3.05%4.32%13.00M
2014-02-06BMOTeva Pharm Adr1.41.4244.6945.3945.4344.345.850.09%▲-1.63%-1.54%7.35M
2013-10-31BMOTeva Pharm Adr1.261.2737.0937.737.636.6537.75-0.27%-1.36%-1.62%19.66M
2013-08-01BMOTeva Pharm Adr1.181.239.4239.739.2439.0139.5-1.16%0.46%-0.71%5.09M
2013-05-02BMOTeva Pharm Adr1.11.1237.838.13837.4238.09-0.26%-0.53%-0.79%7.03M
2013-02-07BMOTeva Pharm Adr1.331.3237.9638.1637.4937.438.15-1.76%▲1.25%-0.52%5.67M
2012-11-01BMOTeva Pharm Adr1.251.2841.3140.4240.7340.5141.440.77%1.42%2.20%3.81M
2012-08-02BMOTeva Pharm Adr1.291.2839.5540.8740.1739.3140.39-1.71%-1.54%-3.23%6.76M
2012-05-09BMOTeva Pharm Adr1.441.4742.1944.4743.2242.0143.58-2.81%-2.38%-5.13%10.88M
2012-02-15BMOTeva Pharm Adr1.581.5945.0443.5244.9844.4545.83.35%▲0.13%3.49%10.18M
2011-11-02BMOTeva Pharm Adr1.231.2539.7639.0839.5138.3340.281.10%0.63%1.74%13.56M
2011-07-27BMOTeva Pharm Adr1.091.145.7546.7946.8845.2146.940.19%-2.41%-2.22%9.85M
2011-05-11BMOTeva Pharm Adr1.0448.6547.1447.0246.9648.88-0.25%3.47%3.20%13.40M
2011-02-08BMOTeva Pharm Adr1.281.2552.0254.9851.8851.1852.4-5.64%▲0.27%-5.38%37.54M
2010-11-02BMOTeva Pharm Adr1.2750.9351.2451.6549.8651.960.80%-1.39%-0.60%17.64M
2010-07-27BMOTeva Pharm Adr1.0450.1150.1551.5949.651.92.87%-2.87%-0.08%14.56M
2010-05-04BMOTeva Pharm Adr0.8959.0360.0359.9258.5460.09-0.18%-1.49%-1.67%8.94M
2010-02-16BMOTeva Pharm Adr0.9558.1458.8658.6757.959-0.32%▲-0.90%-1.22%6.61M
2009-11-03BMOTeva Pharm Adr0.8850.4951.1950.0849.6551.16-2.17%0.82%-1.37%6.42M
2009-07-28BMOTeva Pharm Adr0.853.2551.152.2851.9353.442.31%1.86%4.21%11.22M
2009-05-05BMOTeva Pharm Adr0.6743.8444.1244.8943.3244.991.75%-2.34%-0.63%8.20M

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