Vale S.A. (VALE) - Earnings & Price History

VALE: Vale S.A. - 10.05, $52.00B, 0.26 (2.66%)

Sector: Basic Materials - Industry: Industrial Metals & Minerals

Vale S.A., together with its subsidiaries, engages in the research, production, and sale of iron ore and pellets, nickel, fertilizer, copper, coal, manganese, ferroalloys, cobalt, platinum group metals, and precious metals in Brazil and internationally. Its Bulk Material segment produces and extracts iron ore and pellet. This segment is also involved in the production and extraction of manganese, ferroalloys, and others ferrous products and services; and extraction of coal, as well as in the provision of railroad, port, and terminal logistics services. The companys Base Metals segment produces and extracts non-ferrous minerals, including nickel and copper. Its Fertilizers segment provides a group of nutrients, such as potash, phosphates, and nitrogen. The company also invests in energy generation through operating hydroelectric plants and centers, as well as produces steel. The company w

Past VALE reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2014-10-30Vale Sa0.3-0.1510.099.929.799.7210.11-1.31%3.06%1.71%20.47M
2014-07-31BMOVale Sa0.440.3814.3514.3814.2914.0814.56-0.63%0.42%-0.21%19.83M
2014-04-30Vale Sa0.510.513.1913.2213.1413.0413.26-0.61%▲0.38%-0.23%12.31M
2014-02-26AMCVale Sa0.641.0114.3313.9114.1513.9514.441.73%1.27%3.02%22.72M
2013-11-06AMCVale Sa0.640.6816.1817.0716.9516.0916.96-0.70%-4.54%-5.21%30.32M
2013-08-08BMOVale Sa0.490.6214.6914.0314.2314.1814.781.43%3.23%4.70%26.66M
2013-04-25BMOVale Sa0.40.617.0516.7517.1116.9517.382.15%▲-0.35%1.79%21.30M
2012-07-26BMOVale Sa0.750.6917.6517.4117.3716.8917.79-0.23%1.61%1.38%32.31M
2012-04-26BMOVale Sa0.790.7422.7822.5521.9421.9322.91-2.71%▲3.83%1.02%21.10M
2012-02-15AMCVale Rio Do-adr1.080.925.3325.2624.8224.6225.54-1.74%2.05%0.28%21.78M
2011-05-06BMOVale Rio Do-adr1.161.131.0230.9131.4330.8431.71.68%▲-1.30%0.36%21.85M
2010-07-30BMOVale Rio Do-adr0.7627.827.5627.4727.3128.22-0.33%1.20%0.87%21.40M
2010-05-06BMOVale Rio Do-adr0.3327.4128.428.2225.3328.85-0.63%▲-2.87%-3.49%61.20M
2010-02-11BMOVale Rio Do-adr0.3227.126.225.2125.1327.15-3.78%7.50%3.44%51.09M
2009-07-29AMCVale Rio Do-adr0.3119.4518.9919.4419.4219.782.37%0.05%2.42%31.77M

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